Charlie Sheen Has a Secret to Reveal About His Health



On Tuesday morning Charlie Sheen was interviewed by Matt Lauer for the Today Show, and he revealed a extremely shocking secret he’s been keeping for the last 4 years. “I am, in fact, HIV positive,” Sheen confessed at the beginning of the interview.

The Hollywood bad boy looked fairly healthy and extremely relieved as he detailed the diagnosis he received four years ago and what led him to reveal the shocking Hollywood secret now.

“I have to put a stop to this barrage of attacks and sub-truths and very harmful and mercurial stories that are about me that threaten the health of so many others,” Charlie Sheen said. “[It] couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sheen, who is just 50 years old, described to Matt Lauer the extremely painful series of headaches that lead him to finally seek medical treatment and what ultimately lead to his diagnosis. “I thought I had a brain tumor. I thought it was over,” he said. “It’s a hard three letters to absorb. It’s a turning point in one’s life.” This was around the time that Sheen had his extremely public meltdown that led to him losing his role on Two and a Half Men.

Sheen admits to not entirely knowing how he contracted it, but currently he’s taking a “triple-cocktail” of pills each day to manage it.

Other celebrities living with the HIV virus are Basketball legend Magic Johnson, former child star Danny Pintauro, and Styx band member Chuck Panozzo.

More than 1.2 Million people in the U.S. are living with HIV or AIDS. If you are worried about HIV, please get in touch with the CDC.




  1. That’s what he gets for molesting children.

    • muzzy_killer91 says:

      Bitch your stupid as fuck Charlie sheen never molested anyone kid or adult and to the other stupid fuck that said that trump molested a teen girl your retarded as well too the only person that did that was slippery dick william clinton aka bill clinton

  2. Did he know before he had relations with more people?

  3. Are you suggesting that little children gave him HIV?

  4. When did he molest a child?

  5. He’s slept with so many women, no telling how many he gave HIV to! Karma is a real deal, he’ll get his.

  6. More then four your a whore… Drugs its a gamble… What you do when your hi is bazaar… Well everyone has been there some way more then others .. Lucky ones not so lucky ones.. Now if your not involved in Charlie s personal life stay the f….k out of it.. Remember if the shoe was on the other foot.. Meaning yours… Whom ever you are blurting his business….

  7. I have never heard of him with a child,where did u hear ir know that so i can get facts too,,oh , you DO know for sure,right?

    • He is one of the main reasons Corey Haim committed suicide. Youtube Corey Feldman speaks of hollywoods biggest secret

  8. If you are referring to Monica, she was not a child. And he never molested one that I know of and I’ve always watched the news closely. So, You Know, should apologize for that remark.

  9. Reality Bites says:


  10. Reality bites, you’re an idiot if you think he could only get it from screwing men!!! None of us know Charlie Sheen personally and you can’t believe everything you hear or read about celebrities! If you believe everything you see or hear you’re living in a fantasy world!

  11. Yes best advice stay out of Charlie’s life! Never say never! I promise you it will come back in one form or another back to you! Sometimes it want be you that suffers but someone you love it will,which to me is worse. None of us know what we’re gonna do in certain situations, we can’t forsee the future. As humans we worry about right now! That’s a fault almost us. Try looking at the big picture. What seems to be a tragedy may not be in the end? Smtimes ur curse is ur blessing. Charlie made mistakes, chose wrong decisions,can’t do a dam thing about it now. So move on from his past and let him do something positive with this disease! He has the money,power and support to do so.

  12. You must be thinking of Donald J Trump he molested a 13 year old girl in the 90s. And he raped his first wife

  13. Alleged means not proven!!

  14. HE never molested anyone…he screwed all that moved-yes…He more than likely was pure and simple irresponsible and stupid! now he must pay for that mistake !but you don’t necessarily get AID’s from banging everything that moves. You get AID from being irresponsible and not using protection during all sexual activity (whether it be straight sexual acts and partners or gay sexual acts and partners), you also get it from using infected needles if you shoot drugs and share needles, not to mention you might still get it from blood transfusions where the blood was not checked properly also- but this was long ago and usually rarely takes place now today. AIDS is not a GAY disease you idiotic retard! And I mean retard in the definition that your learning is retarded-stunted and incorrect and you are mentally unable to realize this fact about the disease called AIDS because you have a incorrect idea and information in your small minded head that has retarded you from gathering and processing the correct information on this matter! you my friend are a POS!

  15. Frank Mazoni says:

    AIDS only m/m and not f/m? Are u from the stone age?




  17. you know nothing reality bites…

    I can’t believe anyone in this day and she still thinks this is a same sex only disease.

    Maybe he’s a troll?

  18. Charlie doesn’t fit the profile of a pedophile… I don’t believe that statement. Where did you get your information? Was he arrested? Charged?

  19. Soo much negative bashing. What is going on here ..??? Are people so caught up in other peoples worlds that they have to resort to this ?

  20. Whoever has the Aids Virus is capable of passing the disease on to another person
    Regardless of their gender.

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