Did We Reach Pluto?

Launched in 2006, the New Horizons spacecraft is taking mankind’s vision further with each passing second.

Now categorized as a Dwarf Planet, Pluto was once known as the farthest planet in our solar system. Extending mankind’s reach to Pluto was something our ancestors could never imagine. The fact that something man-made is just a few days away from reaching Pluto is simply overwhelming.

The 4.67 billion mile journey roughly took on 10 years (that is insane) – it left Earth in 2006; interestingly, 2006 is also the year we changed Pluto’s status as a planet. The spacecraft is travelling at the speed of over 35,000 mph.

A trailer has been released by National Space Society to celebrate the momentous occasion.

July 14 is being predicted as the day the spacecraft will be able take clear photos of the Dwarf Planet and we could not be more excited! For now, check out the trailer and add the date to your calendars!

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