This is the Most Embarassing Accident Ever

We guarantee this visit to the museum didn’t turn out exactly like any 12-year-old boy wanted it to, with one super embarrassing accident caught on film.

This pre-teen ended up accidentally punching a hole into a painting at the Face of Leonardo: Images of a Genius exhibition in Taipei and of course, a video caught everything. Watch as the boy with some type of drink in his hand, trips over his own foot and plants a fist-sized hold into a 350 year old Pablo Porpora oil on canvas painting, titled Flowers.

This painting is estimated to be worth $1.5 Million dollars, which we guarantee is more than this kid has in his piggy bank. The boy and his family will luckily not have to shell over the exorbitant amount to cover the 17th century painting since its been insured.

The painting will eventually be restored by a well-known restorer, Tsai Shun, who says the goal will be to “strengthen its structure” and not to retouch “the paint on the damaged area.”

So next time you are having an embarrassing moment, just this of how this 12-year-old kid felt when his trip went viral all over the world and ruined a painting from almost 400 years ago.


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