Baby Eats Bacon for the First Time and His Reaction? Priceless


This baby’s reaction to eating bacon for the first time is similar to how we all feel about the delicious cured meat. Easton Beach, 19 months old, decked out in holiday PJs and sitting in his high chair on Christmas morning was finally given his first taste of bacon, and what a life changing taste it was.

“We usually stick with the same fruit and waffles for breakfast,” Easton’s mom, Melissa Beach said to ABC News. “They made bacon so my husband handed him a piece just to see what he’d do with it.” Well let’s just say for Easton, it was transcendental moment in his life and all caught on video. You could see the delight spreading over him with each bite, yelling “bacon” louder and louder after each bite.

“It was hilarious, we definitely had to stop him from eating and he was not happy about it.” Beach said.

So there you have it from a first time bacon connoisseur, it really is that good.


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  1. Looks like someone claimed the copyright to the video.

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