This Easy At-Home Test could Save your Life

If you are 45 or older, you should be getting screened for colon cancer. With the COVID pandemic reducing the number of colonoscopies and other procedures, many health experts are recommending at-home stool tests for colon cancer screening. There are two types of stool tests commonly recommended. One is the FIT (fecal immunoassay test) and the other is the mt-sDNA test. The FIT test is good for one year and requires a small stool sample while the mt-sDNA test is good for 3 years and requires the entire stool to be mailed back for processing. The mt-sDNA test is a little better at detecting colon cancers and pre-cancerous polyps, but also has more false positive results.

A new physician-founded company, Convena Health, is now offering easy at-home colon cancer screening using FIT tests. Consumers purchase the test kit online, collect the small stool sample at home and return the test cards using a postage-paid envelope. Results are available in days.

Since colon cancer is entirely curable when detected early, experts highly recommend that all people over 45 years of age get tested regularly. Contact your physician or go to to order a FIT test today.

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