It’s a Holiday for the Rest of Us: Festivus

It all started with an episode of Seinfeld that aired in 1997. Frank Costanza was tired of the consumerism that had taken over the December holiday season, so he set up his aluminum pole and on December 23 Festivus was born. The holiday started when George’s father, was out to […]

In Honor of Joe Cocker: Top 5 Songs

Today marks a sad day when an amazingly talented person gets taken away from us. Music legend, Joe Cocker, has lost his long battle with lung cancer. With 22 studio albums in his illustrious career, he has left us plenty of unforgettable music to remember him by. From noteworthy covers to heart-warming originals, Joe consistently […]

Real Life ‘Up’ Adventure

Watch this amazing video as BASE jumper, Eric Roner, soars to 8,000 feet with just 90 balloons, 50 takes of helium and a lawn chair! This stunt involves Roner, a skier from Northern California who decided to ride a rickety lawn chair up into the clouds. You can watch how this […]

The Most Over-the-Top Holiday Decorations

With the holidays upon us, it seems like everyone is given the green light to go wild with decorations. For many putting up decorations may just be a custom, but for other people it’s a chance to show the entire neighborhood who has the most holiday spirit. While some folks tend […]

Unbelievable Adventure Pictures Caught on Instagram

  Often times life takes over and we forget about the great adventures this world has to offer. Stuck between busy lifestyles and priorities, we miss out on activities that allow us to bring out our inner-daredevils. To get inspired, we went on Instagram in hopes of finding some fellow […]

Holiday Shopping Guide 2014: The Greatest Gifts that Give All Year Long

Holiday Shopping Guide 2014: The Greatest Gifts that Give All Year Long

Over the years, it seems corporate American has taken over the holidays, it has evolved into a season of running to the store instead of days that allow us to re-connect with our friends and family. If this sounds like you, then perhaps we can help you change your usual gift-giving […]

How to Become Incredibly Happy

How to Become Incredibly Happy

We usually think of ‘happiness’ as something that happens to us—you win something, you had a good day or someone did something nice and you’re happy. When in fact, the truth is, we can influence our own happiness. According to the report conducted by Center for Disease Control and Prevention […]

10 Things Highly Successful People Do Everyday

We all have trouble getting a jump start to achieving our goals, but these tips from highly successful people really will help! While there may not be a secret formula to achieving your dreams (although we certainly wish there was), there are definitely some things you can start doing today that will […]

Little Girl Sparks Impromptu Dance Party in NYC

This little girl is an amazing reminder that we are all kids are heart. The adorable little girl, who remains unidentified, sparks an impromptu dance-along to a jug band’s performance on a subway platform in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The child can be seen breaking it down to a cover of the Grateful Dead’s […]

How this 99 Year-Old Woman Makes a Difference Everyday

  Meet Lillian Weber, who on her 100th birthday plans to complete her thousandth personalized dress for a little girl in Africa. Nearly every day, Lillian makes a one-of-a-kind dress for a girl she will most likely never meet. “It keeps me going after 99 years” she said. “I don’t know […]