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7 Signs You’ve Failed at Flirting

Let’s face it, we’ve all made a mistake once or twice when it comes to getting the attention of the opposite sex. If you’ve made any of these mistakes however, you might be a goner.    

Most Amazing Places to Ski in the World

Most Amazing Places to Ski in the World

#8 Tordrillo Mountains, Alaska, USA The Tordrillo Mountains offer about 1.2 million acres of ski-able or boardable terrain; for those looking for diversity, this is the place to be. The snow here is extremely powdery and there are runs that range from 7,500-2,000 ft. Photo courtesy of

Hockey Fan Does the Ultimate Fan Dance Like You’ve Never Seen!

A Columbus Blue Jackets fan showed the NY Rangers just what he thought when he stripped off his shirt, dumped some beers on his head and danced his heart out to “Turn Down For What.” Superfan, Kevin Schroeder, aka “Dancing Kevin” is back this season to help his team go all the way […]

26 Everyday Items Waiting to Kill You

This brilliant video shows some of the dangerous things in our surroundings that are killing us; you can’t even trust kale!

8 Facts About Food That Will Change the Way You Eat

Find out the truth about your favorite foods from hamburgers to yogurt, this video uncovers dirty little secrets the food industry doesn’t want you to know. This just doesn’t apply to fast food either this is true for so called “healthy” foods you would buy at the supermarket. Even when you are […]

The Best Reason Not To Share Nude Photos

Love to take selfies? It seems that everyone does, but watch this before you take your next one it will make you think twice!  

Top 6 Craft Beer Festivals in the U.S.

Top 6 Craft Beer Festivals in the U.S.

Some people drink beer after a hard day’s work in order to relax and unwind, some  are just weekend warriors  or every day “warriors” for that matter. For others, it’s an art. They worship its existence and treat it as the divine nectar that it is. They don’t drink it just […]

Top 5 Dating Tips for Men and Women

After interviewing gurus that counsel both men and women on dating, we noticed something that was quite curious. Some of their dating advice was actually gender-neutral and could be applied to both sexes. As we see it, good advice is good advice. Here are the top five dating tips for […]

Amazing Facts You Don’t Want To Know About

What kills more people, sharks or toasters?  How many bugs do you eat each year?  What happens to your mattress after 10 years of use?  Watch this video for some amazing facts you probably don’t want to know about!

How To Stay Healthy When Eating Out

How To Stay Healthy When Eating Out

You know how it is. You’ve been a goody two shoes all week, eating nothing but lean protein and grilled veggies to keep that waistline trim. Then, Friday night rolls around, your friends invite you to dinner and your diet goes out the window in favor of mozzarella sticks. Even […]