These Celebrities Really Make a Difference


We are often fascinated by celebrities because of their presence on the screen or stage, but for these celebs their work isn’t done when the performance ends. Not only does their “day job” impact our lives, but they also strive to make a difference with considerable donations to charities that benefit society as a whole. While, many celebrities use charity work as a PR stunt other public figures have devoted a huge portion of their lives to giving back and have done so consistently throughout their careers. Here is a list of celebrities that continue to give back and help restore our faith in humanity.

Elton John


Elton John is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) contributor towards AIDS research. He founded the Elton John AIDS Foundation in the 80’s. His passion for this project came after witnessing many close friends fall victim to this disease. He has made crucial donations over the years to over 50 charity organizations. Some of the other causes he consistently supports are disaster relief, homelessness and hunger, civil rights, cancer, bullying, and gay/lesbian equality.

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  1. Virginia Abreu de Paula says:

    Good list. Sir Paul is one of a kind indeed. But he belong to The Beatles band. Not the Beetles! 🙂 They were not the insect. They were those with ‘Beat” in their souls. Musically and also philosophically. Like the Beat Generation.

  2. It is easy to give something when you have it and what you don’t want or need it.
    The real gift that counts is from a person who gives something that they want and need,and also it must be given anonymously so that nobody knows who gave it. Any other way of giving something to somebody is beneficial to the giver too. So it is commercial for the donnator too.

    • Most ignorant comment ever ,you do not value yourself at all!

    • Well said. Charity has become a show and a mean to (1) get attention (and votes, now with Hillary Clinton) and (2) to reduce taxes.

    • It doesn’t matter even if the person who gives something to others has an ulterior motive because it would definitely help the people who receive it. Why don’t you just shut up and appreciate the people who try to help others?

    • Anna Barabaschuk says:

      Does anyone have a website link to the Jolie Pitt foundation plz coz I can’t a site for them on twitter facebook or general websearch.

    • The starving child sleeping in a cardboard box does not care whether the person who gave him/her food and shelter is rich or not. By criticizing people’s motives for charity or philanthropy, all you will achieve is making people think twice about helping those in need.

    • For some, maybe they do want to get famous by donating money. But for others, even if they try to do it quietly, the news reporters will dig out the news anyway. So it’s useless for them to hide. And why not promote the awareness and be a good role model for million of other rich people to follow and give back the community? As long as there a positive outcome for its act, what’s the matter if both side benefit?

  3. It’s great to see celebrities give back. Thank you!

  4. we should all learn to appreciate every little effort first before been sentimental. whether he did it for commercial purpose or not, whether he has enough of it or it’s actually his left overs, the fact remains that he gave it out and has consistently been doing that. He’s better than most other celebrities that would rather lavish the money on clubbing or on surgeries. lets just say thank you to sir Elton john and leave d rest for God to judge.

    • Ann Bruce Pineda says:

      She makes middle class Europeans feel bad if they don’t share their tiny homes with refugees yet she has no room in any of her eight mansions for refugees? Jesus suggested it’s what you have left that counts when the widow gave a couple of coins and He said she had given more than anybody because she gave all she had. He also suggested we shouldn’t let others know what we give.

  5. I love brad and jolie,they never stop giving.

  6. keeping your money is expensiver then giving it away due all the tax benefits

  7. mostly the very known bradjelina and oprah .she really made a changing phisicaly and emotionaly

  8. I am wondering why all these top guys are only worried about ‘HUMANS’, their health or wealth!

    What about ANIMALS ? GOD created human as one of the billions of species. HUMAN was smart enough to grow and occupy most of the territory on earth. A bird in a city has no headway for food. They are dying from waves that we use for communication. if a vehicle hits a dog, nobody will try the driver in court! If he hits a human being who was equally stupid when crossing a road, the driver would be in jail! It is quite selfish an attitude towards the ‘souls’ that didn’t get human body!

  9. Nina Soto-Minelli says:

    People with more than enough money to help the less fortunate should do so out of gratefulness of being able to be in a position to help. Not show off in other countries and spread their name and money, when in the country where they were born, raised and live and made all those millions like Jolie Pitt. Their country has the same problems other countries have, poverty, AIDS, children without parents, homeless. So why go so far? For publicity bottom line. Look at all the money Sinatra spent on good causes but the best part about it was that it all came out after he died. He didn’t need to blow a trumpet when he did the right thing. I was extremely surprised by how he did not broadcast his charities or even that he would not put up with racist fools and would not perform if Sammy Davis Jr. was not allowed in through the front door. “do not let your left hand see what your right hand has done. In other words we do not have be so public about it. When you do it out of the heart it could never be wrong but out of being noticed, publicity, books, documentaries, money, recognition. We all know what is going on out there but what about in this country. Calif. is the capital of homeless in this country. This country should be ashamed to show how much they help in other countries. We all know how the world works. What we need are solutions not publicity over things we know all to well with famous narcissists being the poster kids . Joie Pitt Ambassadors? ? give me a break. What have they done for their own country? Even their children are adopted out of the U.S. like we have no children in need. Example, Jolie Pitt live in Beverly Hills, less than ten miles from scid row yet they feel they have to go 10,000 miles away to find adults and children who need help and to adopt kids. We have orphanages, we just don’t call them that. But they rather help over in countries like Africa, viet Nam, Cambodia, etc. where they are treated like Gods because they are white and rich. Take care of your own backyard before anyone else’s and maybe then you can pat yourself in the back which is what these people live for. Such Hypocrites and media whore. We have children with AIDS, and no parents out here too. But since they are in this country, their country, they don’t count. There would not be so much publicity if they adopted here. Now ain’t that a bitch!!! People say oh I love them, Why, you don’t know them and they sure don’t give two shits about you. Love what they do but how can you love them, please, they keep giving you say? What have they gave to their own country and the problem there? Not a damn thing. Over in those countries you have money and are famous they are Gods like some Americans feel about the rich and famous. People like that putting them on peddle-stone? . Later for them, the only person I put on a peddle-stone is my MOTHER!!! Not some rich fool I don’t know personally. I love Robert DiNero’s movies not him, I don’t know him personally, was never his neighbor or his friend so how could I love him and cry over him like some of these idiots do when they see someone famous they so call love. That’s annoying. I love what Elton John and his partner have done and what they stand for. I love their music. I am so glad that they are one of the good guys, for real, no pretense there.

  10. Reply 4 Nina:
    I fully Agree but you take the argument to a moral stance too high for the average Joe and Joe-s are the ones who vote, go to pop/rock concerts, see movies, reality shows and TV news. These celebrities could/will not behave by these highest moral standards even if they understand nuances very well.
    Bottom Line: You are right but it is irrelevant.

  11. mostly the very known bradjelina and oprah .she really made a changing phisicaly and emotionaly.

  12. Nina, you are right and what you say is very relevant, charity begins at home

  13. Nina ; what’s a peddle-stone ? Ha ha

  14. Nina Sota,
    There is a greater purpose for everyone born in this world. Not to be judging others. You don’t live in there shoes. Just adding a another learning chapter in my book of knowledge.

  15. This is what God intended from human beings;Generosity -compasion let the haves help the have not!!!!

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    friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited from this site.

  17. The Nobel organization bylaws require that the organization not disclose nominees until 50 years after the nomination. Only the winners get Nobel kudos. Fluff writing is fin,e but misinformed is uninspiring.

  18. terril lee graham says:

    Bill Clinton should not be on this list. The CGI is a business promotional consultancy. None of his promises came true in either Haiti or Indonesia, after their tidle wave, and they were involved with the wsorst ebola respons in Africa.

  19. they are to praise, no doubt

  20. I completely agree……..Bill Clinton has actually caused harm to many who live in poverty still by getting rid of welfare to mothers and children, deregulating the banking industry and stoking the war economy……..his “foundation” is a means to support his politics and in this case Hilary’s candidacy…….Read what Howard Zinn has to say about Bill Clinton……now his “foundation” employs his daughter and is part and parcel of his attempt to create the Clinton dynasty from shady foreign contributions and Wall Street contributions……forget Clinton……he’s a sociopathic liar like most of his ilk

  21. but bill clinton was also a celeb and that’s why he is included and also contributed to humanity’s welfare!

  22. Aids research is similar to cancer research: a cure is not intended to be found. It gives the elite and the wannabe elite a cause to support as an income tax write-off, provides many people with jobs, and provides a toic for headlines of do-goody organizations. Meanwhile, physicians who genuinely practice healing use many methods to assist patients´ bodies to dispose of cancer cells and heal. Similarly, non-pharmaceutical methods continue to assist AIDs patients to heal, some of which re-infect themselves due to their life habits.
    The attention shown to wealthy persons who donate money they dont need and cant use is simply missplaced advertisement that serves no useful purpose.

  23. Syed Salman Khaliq says:

    As long as someone gives his money to the needy or a worthy cause, why question his motives or make disparaging and jealous remarks. The needy and the poor benefit, don’t they?
    So stop putting down people who help others.

  24. wow, why do people look for problems in everything?? who cares if someone is giving for publicity or not, as long as the hungry are fed and the homeless are sheltered. who cares?! I bet if you asked the people who where helped by the charities, they wouldnt care. infact, if publicity stunts get more people fed and clothed am all for them. ive lived in bad situations before, I know what it is like to have nothing and I know the feelings of helplessness. You think I care if someone is helping me to look good?
    tell me someone will get hurt if brad and Angelina help me for the sake of a publicity stunt,
    tell me a child will die or the sick will get more sick or whatever bad thing that is of the sort, then yes it is wrong.

    heres a question, knowing that a person would never give unless it would push his name to a higher status, would it be better for hundreds of children to die or suffer because he did it for the wrong reasons? you think their parents (if they have them) care?
    my opinion is at the end of the day, there less people suffering. let God deal with the givers.
    and for the one the one that said that americans should give to americans first, soooo the rest of the world should wait until america is a perfect place to receive aid?
    when will that be? americans have loads of people that help america, your at a better place. ive seen thousands of children who have never had a DROP of clean water! why cant you accept that everyone has a different purpose?
    some feel the need to help those in america, it is their gift. some are called to help wherever their hearts takes them, we are not all the same! just like others would rather help dogs than human beings, thays what is in their hearts! without animal rights people, who would protect animals?
    just like those who help internationally, its their purpose and calling. just arg! stop being judgemental people!

  25. this is not a perfect world, I accept that. it will never be a perfect world. so I rejoice in children getting fed, in medical researchers getting aid in their hunt for cures. this world is bad enough for me to care about the moral stand point in giving. am just glad it is happening.

  26. gamuko yohanna says:

    I really cherish the family of brat and jolie but I don’t know what is going on now that they are talking of divorce, please I wish they can work things out and shame the devil

  27. I would add Michael Jackson to this list. He truly, truly cared about making the world a better place (for mankind, animals, environment) through his music and humanitarian efforts.

    Plus, he is recognised by the Guinness World Book of records as the most charitable popstar of all time. Not only with material stuff, but with his time, love and care.

    Otherwise, not a bad list.

  28. Morgan Fisher says:

    Good list, but I was expecting Bill Gates to be on it. Perhaps he is not a celebrity, but he is hugely famous and maybe has given more money than anyone else to help the needy.

    From Wiki: “As of 2007, Bill and Melinda Gates were the second-most generous philanthropists in America, having given over $28 billion to charity; the couple plan to eventually donate 95 percent of their wealth to charity.”

  29. Bono??!! Try again Newszoom….

    Bono’s ONE foundation under fire for giving little over 1% of funds to charity
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


    Bono: Massive Ego, Bigger Crook

    Not enough? Just google “Bono bogus charity” or “Bono charity fraud”

  30. I think a glaring omission from this list is Bill Gates (i.e., the founder of Microsoft).

    The Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation is the largest private contributor to education, health care, and the fight against poverty. In fact, the Foundation has contributed many times more to charity than the net worth (not simply the charity contributions) of every single person on this list put together. Enough said, I trust.

  31. Everest Igweokolo a.k.a Koolbee says:

    I don’t like it when people criticize against those who are doing their best, you ask yourself how many people ever been good to in your life. Oooooooooooooh please leave him alone.

    Everest Igweokolo

  32. Everest Igweokolo a.k.a Koolbee says:

    I don’t like it when people criticize against those who are doing their best, you! ask yourself how many people have you ever been good to in your life. Oooooooooooooh please leave him alone.

    Everest Igweokolo

  33. orly zeelon says:

    great people. I hope they can always continue picking up where our society falls.
    many thanks to those dear people.

  34. This is just BS, no actual numbers of amount of donations they give and all Liberal progressive democrates! I read recently that the most charitable, on an income bases, are not these high profile narsisitic celebrities. Those that give the most,based on incomepercentage, are simple middle class conservative! All this show over these famous people doses not show the real truth. It is the common people who give most, not these elitist attention seekers!

  35. Víctor Cobo Rivera says:

    Who gives more money?
    This question is very difficult to answer because the money that a celebrity gives to charity is a lot of money, but if a normal person with a normal job gives money maybe the amount is not too much.
    Let´s compare the real percent that each of one of these people are given perhaps is the same amout according to their real earnings so who gives more?

  36. I wonder, nobody said anything about homosexuality of Elton?

  37. im not sure if i should believe in all that or not..

  38. Most foundations are just a tax dodge. Foundations should also be legally required to post each year, how much money from the foundation ACTUALLY GOES to the cause they´re supporting, and how much goes to “administrative costs“. I can almost guarantee you that the foundation that Bill Clinton has, has the vast majority of the money going into his, Hillary, and Chelsea´s pocket.

  39. Is it a coincidence that there are no names of non-native English speakers on this list? Nobody from Russia or the Middle East? Don’t they donate, or are they being ignored?

  40. Tax deductibles, most people would not give a dime if it was not because they could deduct most of it on their tax bill. And if you have a 100.000.000$ then giving a way a cool mill is not much …

  41. Rudolf Quetting says:

    I am dreaming of a society, where no one is in severe need and where all creatures are handled with respect. But as long as such an society is nothing but a nice dream, all people in need do not care, whether they get help from an Pharisee, a good human example or a clandestine donator.
    To hell with all those Monday morning quarterbacks, who criticize everyone and everything but do not dare to try to change circumstances or the better.

  42. If all of us would have as much mo ey as Elton John we would give as much as he gives. Yes I do believe in helping others in need because that’s what God is asking to do. God loves Elton John but He hates his lifestyle. God created a man and a woman to marry. Adam and Eve not aAdam and Steve. God is truth and does not change and if you read God ‘s Word it is written that homosexuality is sin just like fornication sex before marriage and adultery, idolatry etc, so don’t mock God. As long as you are living on this earth you can repent and get help because just because it seems right and you are giving millions it won’t save you. Jesus Christ is the only Way to Heaven,

  43. Saint Bono’s altruism about poverty would ring truer if he wasn’t such a hypocrite over paying taxes. U2 are reported to be moving their domicile from Ireland because the hitherto exceptionally generous tax regime for “artists” was being curtailed. They were quite vocal in their opposition.
    There is poverty in Ireland, as elsewhere, and charity begins at home – but not for these multi-millionaires. They are happy to spend other people’s taxes on their pet projects.

  44. NINA IS A B says:

    Nina is stupid, its not publicity stunts, its not their fault that the media is following everything they do, they are public figures afterall.. and i think its cool when people knows what they’re doing (charities) , they inspire more people to do the samething… and why are they helping people far away from US? Hmm simple answer, africa cambodia are poor countries compare to US, they dont have financial means to support their people.. lets just be happy people are giving, stop being a bitch nina

  45. joe damobasta says:

    what a load of crap..the Clinton foundation stole all the money intended for the Haitians and left them staring and homeless…the rest of these idiots don’t give two cents worth of concern about the poor down and out….this is the silliest list i could have imagined so democrat leftist could come up with.

  46. those big givers, also do it for TAX RETURNS, very good PR & pay less tax

    mr bono has also stocks in companies that exploit people…mhhhhh…

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