Guy Gets Handed the World When He Carries Around a Fake Oscar

Winning an Oscars is a goal for every person in the film business. Interestingly, the feeling of winning an Oscar has been known to increase life span by several years – mainly because of the life-long joy it provides, but who knew that it can also deliver you almost anything you want in the world. To see what it must feel like to win an Oscar, Mark David Christenson decided to dress the part and play the role of an “Oscar winner” near the vicinity of the actual event – the results will amaze you.

To say he was offered free things would be an understatement. He was extremely well received by everyone and it’s hilarious to see that people make-up stories of knowing who he is and work he has done – just to get a picture with him! The best – or the worst we should say – was when his credibility as an “Oscar winner” allowed him to drive away with a stranger’s car.

It is amazing how human psychology works, we allow people who clearly do not need free things to get away with not having to pay but if an actual person with needs was to request help, they would most likely be ridiculed and denied. We would just like for you to keep this sentiment in mind while you enjoy the hilarious footage.

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