Health Foods Endorsed By Celebs

The common notion amongst people is that all healthy food tastes unappealing – it’s no wonder that majority have no idea what quinoa is and almost all swear by bacon and ice cream. The celebs we have come to admire for having healthy/fit bodies are certainly inviting the right foods to their palate. Learning how to eat right and putting your health before instant gratification does not come easy; but you do not have to compromise – the boring salad is not your only health conscious alternative.

Thanks to Instagram, we have been able to pull down images of some of our favorite celebs that encourage healthy lifestyles. Here are some tips and products they personally endorse.

Emma Bell: Local Farmers/Farmer’s Markets

I bought that thing. I bought it good. #brusselsaurus love my #farmersmarket

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“I bought that thing. I bought it good. #brusselsaurus love my #farmersmarket.” Emma Bell endorses shopping locally at farmers market; she volunteers with an urban farming project in L.A. and strongly supports the ideas that benefit local farmers.

Amanda Seyfried: Farm Fresh Eggs

#cockstar aka #Mick

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“#cockstar aka #Mick” Apart from being more humane, farm fresh eggs taste much better and are packed with more nutrition.

Jessica Biel: Paleta Cleanse

This is happening! @eatpaleta two day detox. Wish me luck.

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 “This is happening! @eatpaleta two day detox. Wish me luck.” As the caption reads – she used the natural juices for a two day cleanse. She posted, “Done! Detoxed & healthy from @eatpaleta 2 day cleanse. Everything in moderation, people!” upon completion. Paleta cleanse is actually endorsed by many – “Weight Loss, An average between 5-10 lbs, Higher Energy, Improved Skin and Hair, Sharper Cognition, Reduced Sensitivity To Allergens, and Better Moods” are benefits claimed by the brand.

Elsa Hosk: Fika

I love ❤️you @fikanewyork ! #swedeinNYC #postworkout

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“I love ❤️ you @fikanewyork ! #swedeinNYC #postworkout” Fika is a Swedish coffee and chocolate centric location that makes delicious – and of course healthy – meatball platters.

Doutzen Kroes

“The quinoa salad from my sisters cookbook I made today tastes amazing just like all the other dishes!! @renskroes #powerfood.” Replacing this pseudo grain with all your other choices will be the best and the most easiest (yet dramatic) change you will make in the health department. It’s filled with protein and fiber – and ranks lower in GI and GL – and definitely a better alternative.

Jullian Hough: Everything Healthy

Jullian Hough runs the extraordinary website where she consistently posts personally constructed healthy recipes that you will love!

Alessandra Ambrosio: Healthy Recipes

“Did you know stressed spelled backwards is desserts?! ? Head on over to the #alebyalessandra #blog for this ? recipe.” Similarily, Alessandra also runs a blog where she occasionally posts healthy but tasty recipes. The picture posted above is actually vegan ice cream!

Jaime King: Boxed Water

Jaime King has been known to be an endorser of boxed water – the harmful toxins found in plastic bottles is the reason. “Why isn’t every water packaged like this??? I have a filter at home but sometimes I need packaged water.” The story behind use of plastic bottles is one that will traumatize you; the amount of toxins and waste of raw material that comes from creating these is insanity!

P.S – That purple cauliflower ❤️

Anna Kendrick: Nature’s Path Qi’a Chia Buckwheat and Hemp Cereal

Aubrey Plaza is teaching me to be an adult. So far I don't care for it.

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“Aubrey Plaza is teaching me to be an adult. So far I don’t care for it.” Chia Buckwheat and Hemp Cereal may not be the most exciting sounding cereal on the surface – especially if your pantry includes the likes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (mmmmm, delicious!) – but this cereal tastes amazing and definitely worth trying.

Emmy Rossum: Vegan Eating

Who says eating on the go can't be healthy? This carnivore goes #vegan4aday with @sakaralifenyc.

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“Who says eating on the go can’t be healthy? This carnivore goes #vegan4aday with @sakaralifenyc.” Nothing says the health like vegan eating – Emmy’s lunch one afternoon came courtesy of Sakara Life – who we recommend very much! Most meat-eaters almost never want to give eating vegan entrees a chance but places like Sakara Life can easily change this perspective.

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