Rihanna’s Instagram Proves She’s One Of The Baddest Women Alive

Known for her stunning, exotic beauty and her distinct, catchy voice, Rihanna has captured the hearts of millions around the world.

She is no doubt a mega star, and her beauty is on another level.

RiRi is definitely no stranger to flaunting her stuff to everyone, and it has pretty much become the norm. Her Instagram page is where she really lets loose and unleashes her beauty on the world, so let’s take a look at a few posts that prove she is one of the baddest women alive.

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  1. Jose Schutte says:

    So bad to call her bad. You don’t know her personally. You shouldn’t Judge her.
    We have all sinned ALL OF US.

  2. hey Jose, you misunderstand the use of bad girl in this context. it means you cant touch this. It s a caribbean expression.

  3. True Jim Donald Morrison use urinate over stage In front other off stage bad ist but they the lizard king with you I’m craw ING around on they floor I’m a stage serpent to day nice would both been epic mover s to day go to eney club she got the look d I’m move s tall In all aspects a stage international intertaner

  4. All this proves is that she has a huuuuge ass!


  6. chandreshwar says:

    the promotion of obscene pictures leads to actual violence n lust for infidelity leading to destruction .

  7. She still a 10 with a body like that….
    & 11 with the brains.
    I’d love a chance to sit down & talk to her.
    I’m very logical, & think it would be an amazing experience for us both,
    If she can handle truth, not just yes people.
    Don’t know how she would take someone onest

  8. All of u commenting here get a life

  9. Vernon Smith says:

    I sin everytime I see RhiRhi..

  10. HUGH, then why is she hurting her lower back that way

    Her AXX is FLAT

  11. Must be because of some really weirg meaning of “bad” I never hallucinated about, not even when recovering from a heavy brain concussion.

  12. I know a lot of average girls that look way better than her …

  13. It’s her life after all, if one dislike her posts it’s only wise to ignore for she is a celebrity & she needs the fans attention focused on her one way or the other. She has the freedom to show what she thinks would attract more followers to her on instagram.

  14. Too bad. Why do you hate her so much she is attractive isn’t she ?

    • Because if the only way you can keep yourself relevant is by posting neatly nude photos all the time, then something is sorely missing in her life. Purpose perhaps?

    • I’d love a chance for her to sit on my face lol..

  15. 1-242-478-7496 when ever you take a flight florida or Freeport b

  16. Joanne Kirkwood says:

    Ri is gorgeous and talented! How about all you haters? Are you gorgeous and talented?

  17. Holy cow, this mean that she is most audacious Women actually, and so cute that you can’t indeed touch this.

  18. baddest……working on being the fattest.

  19. un grand bonjour….merci…..

  20. nice so cute rihana i like it

  21. Riri on point

  22. Rihanna is not only a talented star, but also a natural one that inspire the whole world

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