10 Most Ticketed Cars In The US

One of the worst feelings in the (1st) world is getting a ticket. No matter how much you deserved it (you know, because sometimes the police are just out there completing their quota…) or not, you will never like getting one. Getting a ticket is also not a one-time problem either; they result in points on your license and hence raise the cost of your insurance plan. Did you ever wonder if it is always the driver, or it is the car they are driving that attracts the police?

While there is absolutely no doubt that most drivers that get tickets are to be blamed due to their discretion but there are certain cars that tend to attract police more than others. Many might think it is the exotic or fancy sports cars that are on the top of the list, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. This tends to be because most owners of exotic cars are usually older folks who drive safer compared to the more average cars that are driven by reckless young drivers.

P.S. See how many American cars you can spot! Do you see a trend?

#10 Mazda2


Photo by Zavatskiy Aleksandr / Shutterstock.com

Those on an extremely low budget find themselves satisfied with Mazda2; various models of the car range between only $14,000 – $17,000. Just be careful and don’t dish out the money you saved in tickets and high insurance premiums. 28.1% of Mazda2 drivers were reported being ticketed.

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10 most ticketed cars in the US 

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