These are the 13 Best Sandwiches from Around the World

Sandwiches are one of those universal foods that can be found in nearly every culture. While they maybe a little bit different from country to country or place to place, they all involve some kind of stacked protein, maybe some cheese, veggies and most certainly some kind of delicious carby holder.

So just how did the sandwich get its start?

Its said the John Mantagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich was such a prolific gambler, usually cards, and a high seas navigator (sounds like a busy man), that he had little time for food that wasn’t efficient and portable. So when he was brought plates full of bread and meats and cheeses separately, he decided to simply stack them in a pile and eat them all at once.

Even though Mantagu was quite the degenerate gambler and most likely corrupt, he gave the world one of the most prolific foodie gifts–the sandwich. Which is now a staple food in some form all over the world.

So with a little research, here are 13 of the most well-known and loved sandwiches around the world.


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