Father Has the Best Reaction to Pregnancy Announcement

This dad by far has the most amazing reaction to his wife’s pregnancy announcement. Watch as this dad-to-be can’t help but breaking down in tears as he learns he is finally going to be a father. Pregnancy announcements range from the super simple passing along news to the elaborate, but the classic “bun in the oven” routine always delivers a great reaction.

According to the YouTube description, the expecting mom in the clip hasn’t had an easy time at all getting pregnant. The couple has already had four miscarriages and one stillborn child, so her and her partner weren’t expecting to have a child at all. “We had given up on the idea of having babies of our own, especially at our age,” she wrote in the video’s description on YouTube.

As she reveals in the video to the father-to-be, that he truly is finally going to be a dad, he also learns that she is already 19 weeks along in her pregnancy! The dad, amazed, asks the mom-to-be for a hug, but she isn’t done with surprises quite yet. “And its a boy,” she says off camera and the man completely breaksdown.


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