Do Yourself A Favor And Go For The Cheap Wine

In most instances, “you get what you pay for” is very true – but not when it comes to wines! Great news for all you wine lovers out there!  And when we say wine, we do mean just wine; the quality of most other alcohols are directly reflective of how much they are worth – come on, have you ever tasted cheap vodka? Bleeegh!

Of all types of alcohol, wine has been deemed the classiest so it is easy to assume that the more the wine costs, the better it would be. However multiple surveys have indicated that most people rate the cheaper wines at about the same level – and even higher on numerous occasions. The only time they rated the higher priced ones better is when they actually know that the wine costs more or if they had gone through wine testing training. So, it’s not that the wine itself is any better, it’s just that you’ve been made to believe that more value automatically equals out to better product.

So the next time you’re on a date and you plan on impressing the person with your “quality taste in wine”, try impressing them with this sheer knowledge we have bestowed upon you and enjoy the same amount of fun for fifth of the price.


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