If Only Half The People Would Do What This 5 Year Old Did For A Homeless Man

Most of us wish we were able to abolish the concept of homelessness – or at least help out somebody in the predicament in any way, shape, or form. Unfortunately almost none of us put our thoughts into action.

While adults fear (or hesitate) making stand-up decision, kids go about their days like fearless warriors; Josiah is no different. Upon noticing a different looking person, he inquired about the man with him mom and learnt the concept of homelessness. Shocked by his revelation, he insisted his mom to purchase a meal for the man; which she generously obliged.

The man got the meal he wanted – and opportunity to say grace with Josiah.

It is amazing how actions young kids can remind us of what genuine kindness means; it is definitely time to adapt such notions into our lifestyles and rid ourselves of our self-centered cynicism. The change you wish to seek in the world certainly has to begin from within first.

Check out the heartwarming news piece below.

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