Old Folks Talk About Their Tattoos and Why There Are No Regrets

Most young people with “concerned parents” have always been hesitant of getting tattoos in order to avoid disappointing them – when in reality most of these kids tend to really just figure out ways to get them and hide them.

People against the the idea of getting tattoos often state that, “you will regret getting that when you’re older.” Such sentiments either come because they feel that the person getting the tattoo will change their perception once they get older and may not relate or that the quality of the tattoo would deteriorate as the person gets older and would not look appealing (“yucky” is a word I’ve seen get thrown around).

Chances are that you’ve never really encountered an elderly with tons of artwork on their bodies to ask the question, “do you regret getting them?”

The filmmakers at Angie Bird Film decided to put the question to the test in their documentary titled, You Won’t Regret That Tattoo.

The film is posted below for you to watch in its entirety.

Tattoos are very well accepted by the millennials and it is surely just a matter of time that all negative notions related to it will disperse – especially common is how people with tattoos are labeled criminals; come on people, it’s 21st century! However, as accepting as the masses are becoming of tattoos, their are still hesitations towards it in the corporate world – we hope that millennials will help change this once they become in charge of running things.

How accepting are you of people getting tattoos? Would you ever let a doctor/lawyer tattooed from head to toe attend your case? Let us know your thoughts on the documentary and tattoos in general by leaving a comment below; we are really interest in seeing how you feel about them!

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