Organic Really Does Make a Difference. Here’s the Proof.

When discussing organic food pretty much everyone can agree that it’s most likely better for our body than produce sprayed with pesticides. But often price and availability get in the way of going 100% organic everyday.

A Swedish grocery chain, Coop, and their agency Forsman & Bodenfors, asked the Palmbergs, a “normal” Swedish family, for help. The study was to last three-weeks and would involve switching from conventional food to organic. The first week the five member of the family ate their usual non-organic diet, while providing urine samples each day to the scientists.

When the urine was examined 8 out of 12 pesticides showed up in their system. For the following two weeks the family switched to exclusively organic food. New urine samples were given, and after a few days all of the pesticides were completely gone from their systems.

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