These Photos will Change Your Perspective on Life

Most of our time is spent at school, work, or stuck in traffic and we often never get to fully experience the magic of living on this planet. With all the sunsets, sunrises, landscapes, caves, and rivers, there are so many amazing locations on earth worth visiting that will completely change your perspective on life.

So, to help you experience a little bit of what earth has to offer, we have pulled together some unbelievable photographs from Instagram that will make you want to quit work, hop on a plane and start traveling! These photographers have more amazing images on their Instagram accounts, so we sincerely encourage everyone to check out more of their stuff – trust us, you are in for a treat!

Beautiful! Sunrise reflections on Lake Louise. #travelalberta #travel @fairmontcll

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This is the "Wall of Death" in the Namib Desert. Also known as the "Long Wall” or "Lange Wand” in German, it is a 300 ft (100m) high sand dune which runs along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It gets its name from the fact that you can only drive along the coast here at low tide. We camped one night on top of the dune and the next day drove straight down it at a 90 degree angle! Trust me when I say driving down a 100m dune which ends in the ocean is quite a terrifying experience. ᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕᵔᵕ I also have some news! Starting next Monday I will be running a weekly contest on Instagram. All you have to do is follow me (which I assume you are already doing if you are reading this) and tag your best travel photos with #EverythingEverywhere hashtag. I’ll pick the best photo(s) each week to win a great prize. Next week the winner will receive a free digital copy of the @lonelyplanet book of their choice. I have talked several companies and I have some great prizes lined up for the next few months which I think you will enjoy. I know many of you have asked for me to check out your photos, and this is a great chance for me to see them as well as win some great prizes.

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view from the helicopter, hovering inside a crater. #litely

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Mountain dweller

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