Policer Officer Sings Lullaby To Calm a 2 Year Old Accident Victim

Recently in Colorado, two adults and four kids found themselves in a horrific accident; the mishap resulted in the death of a man – the woman and another child were airlifted for emergency care while the remaining were taken to hospital via the ambulance.

When emergency personnel respond to fatal car accidents, singing lullabies to the crash victims is usually the last thing they ever expect to do – Officer Nick Struck is this unique exception.

Once he arrived at the scene, he was given the duty of looking after a two year old girl – she is the daughter of the man who died from the accident. Struck told 9News, “When you hear that there’s children involved, I’ll tell you what, everyone that responds to that scene, you get that pit in your stomach. The first thing we do when we get on scene is we just try to, if we can comfort anybody, of course we’re going to go to the kids.”

Officer Struck, unsure of how to distract the child realized how he calms his daughter (who is also 2 years old) down by singing her “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars” and opted to try it on her – and it worked!

“I’m not a medical person, but I know how to give a hug to somebody, and you better believe every one of those officers on scene would do the same thing,” he said.

The story has gone viral all over the internet and has received unanimous praises. You can tell officer Struck is a very kindhearted and genuine person by the way he speaks in his interview – we are very proud of the way you handled the situation, sir.

Check out the news story below:



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