A promise leads to a prom 7 years later

Delivering a promise is one of the many ways we as people judge character. It really shows if your word can really be trusted. But this is really nothing but grown up talk – or is it?

While empty words and broken promises are something most people today are accustomed to, some are around restoring faith in humanity. Ben Moser and Mary Lapkowicz have been friends since the 2nd grade. Mary did not exactly have the easiest time growing up. She has down syndrome and as most would expect, she had always been excluded from most social groups – however Ben has (and was) always there for her.

He would always protect her and would do his best to include her in social activities as much as possible. Sadly, changing schools took the two friends on a different course; their friendship and care for each other however never seized.

Last year, a football game between the two schools they attended reunited the two friends; this is when Ben recalled his promise. When Ben was in 4th grade, he promised Mary to take her to prom – this year on May 8th (seven years later), Ben kept his word and delivered on his promise.

Mary’s brother, Tom’s Facebook status read, “A lot of grade-school aged kids may have stayed away from my sister Mary or thought she was weird because she has Downs Syndrome.”

While Mary originally planed to attend the prom with some of her friends, she was delighted to be asked by Ben for accompaniment – presented with balloons, Mary simply could not refuse the offer. A special appearance was also made by their 4th grade teach Tracy Spogli.

Spogli told Today.com, “Watching Ben and Mary in 4th grade always made me smile. Ben was always so protective of Mary and genuinely cared for her, and it was evident in his actions and words. He would keep an eye on her, just wanting her to be happy and involved in our classroom activities.”

Apart from Mary and her family, Ben’s action also made his mother proud. Lisa Moser took her opinion of her son to Facebook stating, “[Ben] has grown into a man with a big heart, a deep sense of putting others first, and most of all, making people feel special and loved. With joyful tears in my eyes and down my face I watched a promise made, seven years ago, to a beautiful girl fulfilled.”

This story is certainly one of the cutest and inspirational stories one can come across. We can only hope that more people would aim to show kindness and true meaning of friendship the way Ben has. With cynicism at its all time high, the world desperately needs to be nurtured with positivity.


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