Quokka: The Ultimate Selfie Buddy

While rodents aren’t normally considered cute or cuddly, some people have a soft spot for them. Many people share their homes with rats, ferrets, chinchillas, etc. and once you get accustomed to the idea, you can actually understand the deep connection that can develop with these creatures!

Added to the list of cuddly rodents is Australia’s Quokka. They look a bit like giant squirrels with a cartoonish grin. This grin happens to make them AMAZING selfie partners. What makes it even better is that unlike most pets, that run away when a camera comes out, Quokkas love getting in on a selfie. We have 25 selfies we pulled down from Instagram as proof!

Unfortunately, Quokkas do not make for great nor is it legal to own one so if you want to get in on a selfie with these little munchkins, you have to visit them at a zoo or wildlife refuge. If you ever visit Australia, Rottnest Island just off Perth is where you will find these cuties! Don’t feed them (its $300 fine) and definitely do not attempt to bring one home (there is $10,000 penalty)!

Enjoy the selfies!


A photo posted by Hanna Stokes (@hannersbananeeers) on

Gave him a leaf he was chuffed #quokkaselfie

A photo posted by Paul O'Callaghan (@paulbags500) on

Me an Loyd hanging #rotto #RottnestIsland #quokka #quokkacrazy #quokkaselfie

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? #quokkaselfie #rotto #yeahidid

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#quokkaselfie #2

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Say cheese! #quokkaselfie #quokka #photobomber #rottnestisland

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A photo posted by Amy Convery (@amyoo_oo) on

Kerry with quokka selfie. #quokkaselfie #daughter #Australia

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#quokkaselfie #brotherfromadifferentmother

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We’ll just leave this one here for some giggles….

#quokka #quokkas #quokkaselfie #quokkalove #selfiewithquokka #selfie #selfies

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