Something You Might Never See in a Lifetime

This is something you may never see in your lifetime ever, its a sighting of a white whale off the coast of Australia. This is the first sighting of a whale, adorably named, Migaloo, since his migration off the east coast of Australia last year. Migaloo was first seen in 1991 and was known as the world’s first white humpback whale. Over the years Migaloo has been spotted around Australia and there is actually a Twitter account so you can follow to see where he pops up next!

There are actually three other white whales currently swimming off the coast of Australia. “We know that were two white whales born the size of Migaloo on the east coast in the last four or five years. We also believe there is one that cruises up the west coast of Australia, but we don’t’ have photographic evidence of it,” Peterson said. Oskar Peterson, is actually behind the Twitter account for Migaloo and has been collecting information on the whale since the early 1990’s. He also believes that there is at least one other white whale in the world swimming off the coast of Norway.

So if you can’t make it to Australia anytime soon, enjoy some of Migaloo’s antics caught on film!

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