Unbelieveable Footage of a Paddleboarder’s Encounter with Two Whales

Australian photographer, Jaimen Hudson, specializes in drone videography and this incredibly amazing video of his was just shot off Fourth Beach near Esperance, a quaint coastal town in Western Australia.

In an interview with ABC News, Hudson said he heard a couple of southern right whales had been spotted near the beach, so he raced down and set up his equipment on the footpath and got the film rolling! “Dave Price, who lives close by, was just making his way over to the whales on his stand-up paddle board and they were really inquisitive and came over to meet him.” Hudson said.

There are supposedly only about 10,000 South Right Whales in the world, although their numbers are climbed slightly since hunting was outlawed. These whales are only found in the Southern Hemisphere from temperate to polar latitudes.

This footage is truly breathtaking and might just convince some people its time to start paddleboarding!


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  3. Amazingly beautiful. Perfect song’

    • I totally agree with Rita about the song! And, in the article, the guy said how the whales went to meet him, and they literally did!! I just wish I could zoom in even more on full screen mode to get a good look at the appearance of the whales!! Awesome though!!!

  4. This is positively extraordinary

  5. I was enchanted!

  6. I was simply enchanted!

  7. The peace movement of the 60’s and 70’s are what we should be into now ! Peace and love to John

  8. How can anyone resist becoming a Pantheist after watching this?

  9. totally amazing

  10. It really is breath taking. I am in awe and totally amazed and mesmerized.

  11. If the US politicians really want to make America “great” again, they should see this remarkable video and adopt some of Australia’s concerns for nature and mankind.

    • Oh please, so the holier than thou angle. This American knows that Australians are fighting mooslime terrorists with as much vigor and callousness as us. And that is fine.

      To pretend you’re since sort of aboriginal, peace loving descendent is disingenuous at best.

  12. I agree!!!! Beautiful perfect song!!!!

  13. Image of paddleboarder looked fake

  14. Imagine is a cheesy song and Lennon was a hypocrite.

  15. $andie Wernick says:

    Extraordinary. Thank you.

  16. Hates Bull&hit says:

    this is a phishing site.

  17. Where is the video?????????WTF worthless site!

  18. Justin Deajac says:

    Dumb@ss comments prove why the world will never change. Always a hater somewhere. I love sea shepard i love whales i love peace. To bad its a dream that will never be. All the brains no matter because we are a cursed people. If jesus christ couldnt unite us all nothing will until we are all gone. Its a shame really. Beutiful video absolutely awe inspiring. If that doesnt show the human potential to be a better people you are just sad.

  19. Mary Dziugis says:

    Thank you for posting your gift to us: beautiful video plus perfect song!

  20. Why cant all of you just enjoy the beauty of the video ? Honestly there’s a time and place for everything ,and this is not the place for your propaganda.

  21. Why cant all of you just enjoy the beauty of the video ?

  22. James M.Williams says:

    It makes me so ill that people, like the morons turning an innocently beautiful video into their own political soapbox or who just want to show their stupidity by making an offhand remark about the music. Just shut the hell up and see the beauty in something instead of twisting it into something ugly. You assholes are exactly what’s wrong with the world today. Close minded and self righteous.

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