Take a Trip to India with AMAZING Instagram Photos

In recent years, with the inclusion of Indian actors and settings in Hollywood movies has brought India to the limelight. Because many Indians have established communities all over the world, getting a little taste of its culture is not too difficult for people living in other countries. But, you will never fully understand the whole concept of the culture until you’ve invested quality time there.

We hope these 10 characteristics about the country convince you to add visiting India in your bucket-list! Now that we live in a world where travel is insanely accessible, it would be silly to not visit such amazing places.

Authentic Fashion

Majestic Wildlife

Breathtaking Views! This particular one in the image comes from Nandi Hills in Bangalore, India.

Ocean of Clouds! #NandiHills #Bangalore #IndiaPictures #BeautifulIndia #SkyClouds #India #Nature #PlacesToVisit

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The BEST Holidays!

You Have Missed Holi (the festival of colors) This Year, But…

Too bad that I was not able to celebrate with them… #holi2015 #celebrations #holi #india #colors

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You can still participate In Diwali (the festival of Lights and fireworks galore for weeks) or the 200 other holidays.

#crackers #diwali2014 #festivalsofindia #incredibleindia #joy #celebrations #kolkata #instaedit #instapic #picoftheday

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Beautiful Historic Architecture (which changes from state to state)

Gorgeous Landscapes (Beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes, deserts, jungles with mesmerizing wildlife – India has them ALL!!)


Spectacular Sacred Geometry Everywhere You Go

Colors, Colors Everywhere

The Arts

The Food (Like Architecture, it drastically differs from state to state)

Lastly, if somehow you can manage to get invited (or sneak in); A WEDDING! General Tip: More fun is to be had on the groom’s side of the party!

Big fat indian wedding! #veerediwedding #baraati #weddingseason

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