This is Scientifically the Most Feel-Good Song Ever Written


British electronics manufacturer, Alba, surveyed 2,000 UK adults about what their favorite feel-good songs were. Now using science to figure out something as subjective as a “feel-good” song can be tricky, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done!

Out of the survey came songs like ABBA’s Dancing Queen, The Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations and Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl, but the top song wasn’t Pharrell’s Happy. Its actually from the band Queen and it was one of their hits from 1979Don’t Stop Me Now.

You weren’t expecting that I bet.

Remember though that the study was conducted in the UK and the Queen chart topping hit was at least in the top 10, unlike the US where it just broke the top 100. This doesn’t stop it though from still being an awesome song. The song with a positive message and a cheery Broadwayish feel, has over 100 million views on YouTube and counting!

A Cognitive Neuroscienist, Dr. Jacob Jolij, analyzed the results and said there were three important key factors that made it a “feel-good” song: “Songs written in a major key, with a fast tempo are best at inducing positive emotions. ” wrote Dr. Jolij in an email to the Huffington Post. According to Dr. Jolij “virtually all ‘feel good’ songs were in major key (save one or two), and all of them were at least 10BPM faster than the average pop song.”

So there you have it scientifically what makes these songs make you feel so very good.


  1. We are the champions is really good too!!

    • Christie Leigh Curtis says:

      Free, All Right Now

    • That is truly a great song, but wow, what a highly subjective subject. Like who is the best guitarist, Bassist, Drummer. It is simply impossible to quantify and it is impossible to categorize. Music is a lot like religion, or a palate for food, or a person’s feelings about someone or an art form. It simply cannot be categorized as the best, worst, or anything at all. What I like, you may hate. Who’s right?? Well, I am of course, but other than that, I would tell you what the most uplifting song is, and my favorite. But really….who gives a shit? (sorry for saying my favorite swear word)

  2. I disagree, the Song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” from the movie “Song of the South” has been around for over 68 years, lifting the spirits of untold number of people. How can one not get hooked on the lyrics,”ZipZip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

    My oh my, what a wonderful day
    Plenty of sunshine heading my way

    Mister bluebird on my shoulder
    It’s the truth
    It’s actual
    Everything is satisfactual

    Wonderful feeling
    Wonderful day



    My oh my, what a wonderful day
    Plenty of sunshine heading my way

    Mister bluebird on my shoulder
    It’s the truth
    It’s actual
    Everything is satisfactual

    Wonderful feeling
    Wonderful day

  3. Christopher van Hooser says:

    I now associat this song with beating zombies to death LoL

  4. For what the song sounds like, sure there are a few short parts that sound good, but overall it’s the worst song queen ever did. It sucks.

  5. How about Bobby McFerrin, with “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”?

  6. Bonnie Stuntebeck says:

    ”Mule Skinner Blues”

    Try it, You Will Like it, Promise!

  7. Why wasn’t the song named? Is it “We Will Rock You”? That’s my best guess.

    • Ugh no. The song is ‘don’t stop me now’ by Queen.

      Wow, We will rock you is one of the most iconic songs in history, you’re blindly guessing so badly you may as well said it was Happy Birthday

  8. Detroit Rock City. We’re an American Band; Grand Funk. Jump; Van Halen. Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo; Rick Derringer. Get Up and Enjoy Yourself; Head East. Jessica; Allman Brothers (instrumental). Classical Gas; Mason Williams (instrumental).


  10. BEAST OF BURDEN, ROLLING STONES, brings back good 70’s memories and makes me happy on anyday 🙂

  11. Please tell me what the song IS!!!!

  12. Kansas: Carry On My Wayward Son got me thru my time serving overseas.

  13. Never heard this song before and I don’t see that it’s a feel good song. Pharrell Williams’
    “Happy” would be my choice. And the Oscar Meyer wiener song would be a close second.

  14. Wonder what audience was polled for that absurd conclusion. smh… like a prior post said, during that era, Bobbie McFerren #DontWorryBeHappy had the uplifting affect that Ferrell’s #Happy did recently. #Summertime by the Fresh Prince aka Will Smith

  15. You’ve got to be kidding, right?

  16. David DeWitt says:

    Who gives the authority to judge what song of all songs are suited? There is one song that can open eturnity for the right souls. Mentioned in the Bible’s Revelations as the Song of Moses but who is intelligent enough to get that? Check the song of Moses at then tell everyone about it.

  17. For feel-good songs I like “Steppin’ Out” by Joe Jackson and “Walking On The Moon” by The Police.

  18. Curtis A Hussey says:

    ELO. Mr Blue Sky…..

  19. Johny Carson says:


  20. William Katchmar says:


  21. “I Can See Clearly Now” by Johnny Nash…

  22. Inna Gadda Da Vita by Iron Butterfly
    Can bring the Dead back to Life

  23. I wanna reach up and touch the sky says:

    Supernaut. Most headbanging feelgood song ever.

  24. Andrea Belletti says:

    Major key and fast tempo… what’s the third element?

  25. Kerri Michelle says:

    Mr. Blue Sky, Electric Light Orchestra
    You Make My Dreams Come True, Hall and Oates

  26. I really see Megadeth’s “High Speed Dirt”, Iron Maiden’s “Aces High”, Judas Priest’s “Freewheel Burning” or Ronnie James Dio’s “I Speed At Night” as feel good songs that the whole family can enjoy … very uplifting!!

  27. Carolyn Espinoza says:

    Theme from “Greatest American Hero”- “Believe it or not I’m walking on air, I never dreamed I could feel so free. Flyin’ away on a wing and a prayer, Who could it be? Believe it or not it’s just me.”

  28. Damon LeMar Williams says:

    Don’t Worry, Be Happy is the BEST song. Makes me smile EVERYTIME!!!!!😄😁❤️

  29. So you ask a bunch of English people who live in a gloomy rainy land what is the happiest song and they pick an old song by an English band…. how surprising….. I live in sunny California and would much rather listen the Beach Boys or Creedence (60’s), Sanatana or Eagles (70’s), Sparks or Oingo Boingo (80’s), Green Day or Red Hot Chili Peppers (90’s)…. Ok so I like the oldies too….. but its gotta be a Cali group!

  30. Elizabeth Daubney says:

    Oh Happy Day
    Sister acr 2
    Is the best feel good happy song Eva!!

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