You won’t believe what this airline did with his luggage!

Comedian Rhod Gilbert tells his amazing story of everyone’s travel nightmare.  Losing your luggage!  Pack light when you book your next flight!


  1. sugary foods, oil are not good for human health

    • Daniel "The stupid guy" says:

      I am not an intellectual guy with all his mighty knowledge but I try to communicate my thoughts using translation tool made by so called intelligent people. Sometime they, as we all, fail. Is when people start calling others they don’t know stupid, moron, dumb, assholes or whatever when things change. It’s when the other side of my personality kicks in. I am BIPOLAR by nature. We all are. Sugar is bad as well as fat. Off course we need sugars, but those are naturally available in our food, like fruits. Is when we start with refined sugars that things can go wrong. Sugar or calories , when in excess , are converted into fat that goes to your belly and other parts of your body. Not to mention DIABETIS. Now lets talk about fat. There are fats that are healthy good fat. Like the one in avocadoes and some fish like mackerel. But fatty foods or oily are as fatal. All excesses are bad.Thanks to those with the sense of respect. And for those without it try to read this and have a nice day: ” Vallanse a cojer por donde no les da el Sol.”

  2. I don’t think you need to use the word human in your sentence. Anyone reading your comment will probably know what species you are commenting to

    • Daniel "The stupid guy" says:

      Thanks. See, this is a nice comment without any offense. For that I thanks you, and learned something new. The way it should be. I will consider it next time I try to comment.

  3. This is hilarious, just made my day..

  4. so animals can read?!

  5. yeah right maybe some animals are reading it now!

  6. shut up donny.

  7. I don’t think you need to post that sentence. Anybody reading your comment will probably believe you are a retired teacher with to much time…..

  8. iLOL from the Repply

  9. LOL Daniel is stupid – sugary foods & oil are not good for human health. You probably don’t understand that the body needs sugar. Some oils are essential to the body. Now to say that in general it’s not good then you’re definitely stupid. You should know the difference of too much sugar & oil is bad to everything is.

    • Daniel "The stupid guy" says:

      Ok, I’m stupid. Even when I do not speak or write in your language, and use translation tools to do so , I try to make a point . But when some know it all calls someone that don’t even know stupid is time to see how smart she really is. Now read this and try to understand: “Vete a cojer por las nalgas estupida engreida.” Nice day to you idiot.

  10. JizzinNiggas77 says:

    Wtf did I just watch

  11. it is so hilarious thanks for posting

  12. The body needs sugar to give you strength , but you must to control your body.

  13. Is this tweets not too late for all the purposes I wonder

  14. Interesting story.

  15. It is surely understood that sugar, when expended in abundance, is truly destructive.

  16. that was fun 🙂

  17. Just crazy if we dont eat sugar where exactly will we get our energy from because as far as i know fats n sugars is needed in our body to produce the energy we need but you do have a point its just that its not healthy to consume alot else it can lead to diabeties n stuff .

  18. Hilarious!! sugar sugar !! Honey honey!!

  19. Abody needs sugar, but no castar one take grapes sugar.

  20. Abody needs sugar, but no castar one take grapes sugar.

  21. Abody needs sugar, but no castar one take grapes sugar.

  22. Saliya Lalinda says:

    Sugar, Oil, Food & everything must balance by human…

  23. Weliweriya Liyanage Saliya Lalinda Kumara says:

    food, sugar, oil need to human…

  24. what the hell are you people talking about??? Guy is talking about luggage, while you go on about fats and sugars… wtf

  25. Which luggage are you talking about? The lady talks about sugar and fats.
    Are you sure you are OK?

  26. FlexibleStrategist says:

    Y OUR bodies need natural sugar in foods such as fruits are essential; not from processed foods such as cereals or packaged cakes; etc.

  27. Seamus luggage says:

    What’s sugary foods & oil are not good for human health – got to do with this??

  28. Limit sugar best for health

  29. Diabetes does not come from we humans eat but what we call ourselves ; SWEETY, HONEY, SUGAR PIE, PUMPKIN ETC. we should try to express our love by calling ourselves; bitter leaf, cauliflower, avacado, cabbage lettuce, tomatoes etc. Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh yah – spinach. Mike

  30. That is what we called a proper diet is = ” a less sugar food and a less oily foods” it is healthy for us all human beings… plus an exercise is equal to good healthy body. Don’t bother to argue that pointing into health issues and we all know folks that we need to be healthy and it’s up to us if we have to act like a wise or just a man depending on his appetite?

  31. Beside sandal, shorts and t-shirts, Rod Gilbert brought too much sugar and oil, that’s why his luggage was broken. He did not know that “too much sugar and oil is not good for luggage’s health”.

  32. This is a very good post! I admire the way you shared this topic!

  33. Jerrold Gonzaga says:

    Quiet amazing 🙂

  34. yeah right maybe some animals are reading it now!

  35. Pieter-Jan de Ruijter says:

    This is a joke. And a bad one at that.

  36. Grrrrrrr….arf arf arf!

  37. There are more than enough good sugars in plant foods such as fruits, vegetables and beans for everybodys needs…and enough liquid oils in fish, vegetables and beans. Any refined sugars or non-liquid oils/fats are poison (cheese/ice-cream causes cancer cells whose only food is refined sugar). Whales live 300 years on just plant seaweed with a few fish mixed in. There is a whale of a difference between good and bad sugars and oils/fats 🙂

  38. I got your point Daniel. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😊

  39. All you people here are all stupid dumb assses!

  40. Richard Rodriguez says:



  42. Oh,i just loved it,bravo !

  43. There+are+a+lot+of+retired+teachers+about.+++John

  44. Why everyone is talking about sugar when the guy in the video talks about airline luggage?

  45. Why everyone is talking about sugar when the guy in the video talks about airline bag ?

  46. Super Video lol

  47. Wonderful !

  48. Let’s make a list of the possible airlines that wasted his luggage. Here is my order:

  49. Let’s make a list of possible airlines that mangled his luggage. Here is my list:


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