Zero-Waste Supermarket Got Rid of All Packaging, Plastic and Big Name Brands

From Vimeo

From Vimeo


This Berlin grocery store was able to do the unthinkable, they got rid of all plastic bags, disposable containers and anything that might add to our environmental problems. Berlin, Germany is now home to this amazing supermarket which opened in August. Its home to 350 products and produce including-fruits, vegetables, dry grains, and pourable liquids like yogurt, lotion and even shampoo! All the liquids are dispensed into refillable containers, these containers actually have deposits on them to encourage re-use.

The market, which is backed by crowdfunding, is certainly a new way to shop and takes organic stores like, Whole Foods to a WHOLE new level. The supermarket sells mostly organic products and shuns recognizable big name brands, which makes sense because there isn’t any packaging to put labels on!

The team behind the forward-thinking project, Sara Wolfe and Milena Blimbovski, were driven by the slogan “Let’s be real, try something impossible.” Since the store just opened we’ll have to wait until almost 2016 to determine if its a viable option and will catch on with the public.

You may not be fluent in German, but this video at least will give you an idea of the newest idea in saving the planet!


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