10 Home Remedies From Around the World That Will Change Your Life!

The reason that medical advances in science have made natural cures unpopular is that pharmaceutical drugs get rid of the symptoms almost immediately – a necessity in today’s “instant gratification” society. Unfortunately, consistently replying on drugs not only makes us exceedingly dependent on them, but a lot of the times they do not tackle the underlying issues but rather only eliminate the symptoms. This dependency can also lead to more harm than good for other areas of our body – especially the liver and the kidneys.

Holistic remedies have once again started to regain popularity over the recent years. Many people have started introducing various roots, flowers, fruits, and seeds into their diets and have witnessed firsthand re-invigoration of both the body and the mind.

Below are ten natural cures that we encourage you to be informed on – not to refer to them as miracles, but if truth be told – they are nothing short of it.

Bitter Gourd (Karela)


Known as Karela in India, the Bitter Gourd is famously used to fight diabetes – a necessity for a country that loves their sweets! The Bitter Gourd consists of insulin that not only lowers high blood sugar levels but also improves overall sensitivity/tolerance to sugar in general. The only part that may make this vegetable-fruit unappealing is its sheer bitterness – there is after all a reason the word bitter accompanies its name; but benefits are yours to be had if you can get past it. For full benefits, it is advised that you simply blend it with water (perhaps add some salt, pepper, and lemon juice to hands the bitterness) but you can find recipes for sautés that may help make the experience a tad savory.



Juicing Sorrel is a concept native to the Trinidad and Tobago. Science has shown that the flower is bursting with minerals and vitamins (particularly rich in Vitamin A and C and Iron) and anti-oxidants. It is consumed in order to boost one’s immune system.

Pink Lotus Root


Lotus root has long been known to have numerous benefits in various parts of Asia. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, lotus root has been known to aid in healing, boosting immune system, and aid in better digestion. Practitioners of natural medicine also claim that lotus roots can be used to reduce anxiety and aid with insomnia by helping the body relax. One can consume lotus root through a delicious sauté or by simply juicing it – for blend it together with orange, a little bit of ginger, and water for a tasty and nutritious beverage.



Eucalyptus’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties do wonders for those suffering from awful cold and flu symptoms. While you may not be able to get your hands directly on the leaves of a eucalyptus tree as residents of Spain can, you can get the benefits from the extracted oil (but also leaves if you can find a trustworthy dealer). Visit here to learn more functions and how to properly use the Eucalyptus oil.

Korean Ginseng


Korean ginseng is not the same as American by any means. Korean ginseng has numerous health benefits including boosting immune system, improving cardiovascular health, and much more. More popularly however, it is notorious for helping improve men’s sexual issues; erectile dysfunction, infertility, and longevity of the performance have been avenues where it has shown to be beneficial.



Chamomile in United States is usually taken by tea lovers to aid in falling asleep – those on sleep medication are highly encouraged to try this. The French however have been known to use chamomile to help deal with uncomfortable stomach and to help deal with pain – especially menstrual cramps.



Nopal is commonly seen used in Mexican cuisines. It is basically the stems of a cactus that are prepared and eaten like a vegetable. Along with being a great source of dietary fiber, Nopal is infused with phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Introducing Nopal into one’s diet is highly suggested for those that need to lower bad cholesterol levels as well as blood sugar.

Donkey’s Milk


The general idea of donkey’s milk received a lot of mainstream attention once it became linked to Pope Francis – and Italy since then found its new love in this substance. As strange as the idea may sound, donkey’s milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk and consists of high levels of vitamins, anti-bacterial proteins, and anti-allergens. It’s anti-allergen properties have been known to alleviate psoriasis and eczema and has also shown evidence of helping people with asthma and bronchitis. Its content is very similar to that of breast milk and thus can be given to newborn children with asthma and skin related complications.

Baobab Fruit


Baobab is the staple of the West African nation of Togo. Referred to as “Monkey Bread” by the locals, the fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is known to lower blood pressure.

Arctic Cloudberry


Found in the marshes of northern Finland, Arctic Cloudberries have anti-carcinogen properties and are loaded with anti-oxidants and Omega fatty acids. Like most other berries, these also have a long trail of endless benefits – and just as delicious (resembling a sweet-sour apple flavor).

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