Best Foods for Detoxing in 2016!

Almonds for Liver


The liver is one of the most crucial organs when it comes to living as it is this vital organ that is responsible for flushing out harmful toxins – which makes it a great candidate to begin your cleansing with. For the liver to (repair itself and) function at its full potential, it must get sufficient amounts of 1) protein – because protein is a quintessential component required for you to re-build damaged tissues and maintain immunity, 2) antioxidants – because they help eliminate free radicals harmful to the liver, and 3) healthy unsaturated fats – because they help reduce bad cholesterol in your body and aid in preventing harmful fatty deposits on your liver.

Conveniently, nuts are a great source that meets each of these requirements – plus the array of vitamins and minerals and fiber that come along are also fantastic. We suggest almonds because other nuts like Walnuts and Brazil Nuts are much higher in calories and in cholesterol (yes, good cholesterol but you still do not want to consume more than your body needs); their serving size is much lower compared to almonds and eating them more than the serving is quite easy.

Avocados for Digestive System


Avocados have become quite a trendy fruit in recent years – titled “superfood” by many dietitians –yet many are still unaware of its benefits. Avocado has shown to be a great natural way of reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and is known to benefit brain’s functioning also; but the wonders it does on your stomach are even better. First, avocados are fairly high in fiber – anywhere from 9-17 grams depending on the size and origin. Next, it acts as an anti-inflammatory in your stomach and intestines allowing you to absorb significantly more nutrients from your meals. Lastly, eating it with meals can help reduce the spikes in your blood sugar; which will prevent you from enduring type-2 diabetes.


White Tea for Blocking Belly Fat and Weight Gain


Of all different teas in the market, white tea may be the one you haven’t tried yet. White tea, compared to other teas like black, green, and oolong, etc., is the least processed (and maintains more nutrition) and its the most aromatic of all. Like all teas, white tea has all the benefits like antiviral, antibacterial, anti-cancerous, and fat burning properties. But, what makes it better is that it’s significantly higher in nutrition and comes with a unique taste that you can enjoy without the addition of sugar and/or milk. Plus, it has much lower amounts of caffeine so you can have some towards the second half of the day.


Turmeric for Liver Detox


Turmeric is a spice not too many westerners are aware of. It’s mainly seen in South Asian cuisines – particularly in India. Turmeric is a very powerful natural healer – it is known to be a very strong painkiller and an anti-inflammatory ingredient; it can be of great benefit in tackling from something as basic as a headache or wound to helping to cope with severe conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, and Fibromyalgia.

Along with this, Turmeric serves as a great tool for detoxing your liver. Turmeric has also shown signs of eliminating cancerous cells from our system as well as preventing more to form. You can easily introduce turmeric to your diet by purchasing it in powdered form or as a supplement in pill form.


Asparagus for Hangover Cure


Asparagus cures hangovers by stimulating the enzymes alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH)- which are responsible for breaking down ethanol in our livers. Although, eating asparagus works during the aftermath of the fun night, better results are seen when it is consumed prior to the escapades.


Collard Greens: Cholesterol Blocker and All Around Detox


Collard greens are usually the green leafy vegetables we tend to ignore on the dinner tables but maybe understanding its importance will change your attitude on them. Collard greens are packed with tons of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that play a crucial role in sustaining a healthy body. They are one of the best sources for not only blocking cholesterol to form in your system, but also helping in eliminating years of old deposits. Also, they appropriately aid your system in eliminating toxins from all over your body.


Lemon Water: All Around Detox


Lemon water is great for eliminating toxins from all over your body. It does so by helping improve digestion  and allows for more nutrients to be properly absorbed. It is best to have a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning , on an empty stomach even before the breakfast. Many sources on the web suggest that you limit your diet to lemon water to get the most benefits but we highly recommend that you do not try that; the body needs a wide variety of nutrients for it to function properly and limiting yourself to just lemon water will take away from your goal of remaining healthy.


Wild Salmon: Artery Clearer


Protein is quite important in helping you rid toxins from your body – but the source of protein also matters. Fish is a great alternative to heart-unfriendly meat options – the fat and cholesterol in fish are beneficial to the body; especially the heart. Generally speaking, fish would seem like an odd entity to display in an article about detoxifiers – since most fish contains mercury (which is very toxic for human bodies) – but certain fish like Wild Salmon, Summer Flounder, and Wild Tilapia contain less amounts of mercury and yield the greatest benefits when taken moderately. Currently, the FDA recommends that you consume no more than 12 ounces of fish per week to utilize the full benefits – keeping the accumulation of toxic mercury in check and still receiving the benefits from the nutrients.

We hope these natural items will help you attain a healthy lifestyle in the coming year. It should be kept in mind that these items work the best when you combine them with a clean diet, proper exercise, and the right amount of sleep. Keeping away from toxic preservative filled foods and drinking the right amount of water is a must. We would love for you to share your thoughts or any experience you may have had by using the items we have listed – all suggestions regarding the items we have failed to mention are also welcomed!


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