Facts that will terrify a germaphobe

Antibacterial sprays, soaps, sanitizers, creams – how have we not managed to eliminate germs from existence? For many, the fears of germs have turned into phobias and these folks will do anything in their power to keep themselves squeaky clean of all germs. Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news; the antibacterial solutions only kill 99% of the germs and the 1% that survives gives birth to stronger/less impenetrable bacteria. Also, you lower your immune system which makes you weaker to the bacteria.

While you can take a few personal precautions to stay germ free (consistently sanitizing hands, multiple showers, etc.), there is simply no running away. In fact, here are ten scenarios for you to know that are so germ filled it’ll blow your socks off.

Belly Button


Some find it cute, others yucky – let’s just say it’s more of the latter. In 2012, researchers from North Carolina studied 60 belly buttons in 2012 and found 2,368 types of bacteria – of which 1,458 were new to science.



The Demodex folliculorum and the Demodex brevis – both of the arachnida class of bacteria reside in the eyelashes and almost everybody has these. Even though they are usually harmless, they are known to cause slight irritation and scaling; (if your do experience any irritation – regardless if eyelash bacteria is the reason or not) it is recommended that you rinse your eyes with water twice a day and never sleep with the eye makeup on. Here is video that discusses this topic.

The Merchandise


Study conducted by Lance Price, PhD, and Cindy Liu, PhD, researchers at the Translational Genomics Research Institute, in Flagstaff, Arizona found that 42 different strains of bacteria was found on the penis. The research also showed that uncircumcised penises had a more abundance of bacteria; for those that fit this description, make sure to lift up the foreskin and clean thoroughly.

Kitchen Sponges


Kitchen sponges tend to be 200,000 times dirtier that toilet. For something that comes into contact with eating utensils, this is definitely not something one expects. The best way to go about this is to place your sponge under the sunlight as much as you can and put them in the microwave. However, if you’re alive and well, chances are your immune system can handle it just fine.

Money; Notes/Bills


Bills go from person to person and everyone has their own way to handle them – dirty hands, spit (from counting), dirty pockets and wallets – ‘dirty money’ can easily be a literal phrase. The results of a study showed 3,000 different types of bacteria on the average dollar bill.

Public Pools


The Center for Disease Control found that 58% of pools they observed tested positive for E. coli bacteria. This was mainly due to fecal matter; from people not bathing or showering before entering the pools. About 0.14 grams of fecal material can be found on perianal surface and can easily get rinsed into the pool.

New York Subway


The researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College observing the subway found that out of 5,152 types of microorganisms found, 48.3 percent of microbes had to be classified as unknown. Like the horrid smell didn’t give away the toxicity of the environment. Also found were dead anthrax organisms and 66 different meningitis causing bacteria.

The Body (in general)


It is a fairly known fact that there are 10 bacterial organisms for every cell in our body. Our bodies are just too perfect of a habitat for bacteria; interestingly, they make 1-2% of our body mass, also.



Study shows that about 80 million bacteria gets swashed between partners when they kiss for the duration of 10 seconds. It also stated that a lesser amount of bacteria gets swapped amongst couples in long-term relationships as they are likely to follow similar lifestyle, habits, and routines.

Interesting Germy Trivia

Eating Boogers is Healthy: Most adults will agree that there is absolutely nothing cute or sexy about eating boogers – and those who are closet booger eaters definitely do not want their secrets revealed; however, study conducted by University of Saskatchewan concluded that eating boogers is actually healthy (especially for kids) as it helps strengthen the immune system. What is interesting is that even though you may not eat boogers, you do consume a good portion of nasal secretions while you sleep.

Five Second Rule is Actually Quite Real: Yes, five second rule is real – but by no means is that good news. All it means is that in comparison, food touching an undesirable surface will have more bacteria on it when kept for longer durations. However just one second is enough for enough bacteria to latch onto your food – especially dangerous when the bacteria could be E. Coli. Bottom line; play it safe – it’s okay if you can be confident that the surface is clean but don’t be a hero if you have even a teensy bit of doubt.


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