THIS is How Much Sugar is in your Drink

Henry Hardreaves

Henry Hardreaves


Its amazing how much sugar is in the foods we consume and we don’t even know it. Just like the fact that there is 8 teaspoons of dissolved sugar in just one can of Coke. So one photographer set out to expose the real sugar that hides inside some of our favorite drinks. Henry Hargreaves has always seen stats about sugar in sodas and energy drinks, but he couldn’t quite visualize what that really meant.

So with his project (de)hydrate, he ran a bit of an art experiment and reduced bottles of Coke, VitaminWater, Zico coconut water, Monster, Jarritos, Snapple, Mountain Dew, and Powerade over an open flame to boil off the liquid. Then he poured what was left over, the sugar, into lollipop molds to depict the drinks, not as beverages but as what they truly are, hardened candy.

“I guess I feel like a drink is just a lollipop in disguise,” said Hargreaves. “It’s just an adult’s lollipop, a different way of getting the sugar into you.”

So next time you reach for your favorite beverage you might want to think twice about what really is going into your body.


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