Say No To Protein Powders and #SaveTheBros!

When it comes to exercising, many people rely on protein shakes to meet their (protein)needs and help increase muscle.  Which does makes perfect sense because consuming adequate amounts of protein is essential to get desired results from your workouts. But, one has to realize that the quantity of the foods you intake really do matter. Yes, protein powders can easily help you get 20-35 grams, but you must also take into consideration the long list of (harmful) ingredients that it is loaded with: preservatives, synthetics, allergens, artificial flavors, heavy metals (like arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury), GMOs and more. These powders are simply extremely processed and those who take them regularly encouraged to research their preferred brands.

To help #savethebros from consuming such harmful products, Organic Valley has created a product, Organic Fuel, consisting of all organic ingredients with no preservatives, toxins, synthetic hormones, and artificial ingredients; and contains 26 grams of protein, also! What’s even better is the fantastic commercial that is guaranteed to make you laugh and might make you join the #savethebros movement!


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