Scary Recall: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese!

6.5 MILLION boxes (or 242,000 cases) of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, Original flavor have been recalled! Metal contamination have been determined as the cause for action to get these off the shelves. How the contamination occurred has not been declared as of yet. Along with being in the American market, the contaminated boxes were also exported to Puerto Rico, Caribbean Islands, and some South American countries – however, not to Canada.

Determining which boxes are tainted is quite easy just look for code “C2” on its packaging- the boxes were sold individually and in packages of 3,4, and 5. All the boxes are 7.25 ounce size. Also, the “best when used by” dates range between Sept. 18, 2015 through Oct. 11, 2015.

“We deeply regret this situation and apologize to any consumers we have disappointed,” said Kraft. This newest disaster has impacted their stocks, the value has gone down about a little less than a dollar since the market has opened today.

Make sure you either return or throw away the boxes if you have them in your house.

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