What Soda REALLY Does to Your Teeth

We are all guilty of having soda once in a while, but there are some folks out there that are religious soda drinkers (ahem…. at least once per day). And let’s be honest, one of something a day isn’t that bad, is it? You might be changing your might after watching this video.

So soda-lovers, beware, you might find this a bit disturbing and those that don’t drink soda you might feel a lot better about your choice. Sit back and watch what happens as a tooth gets soaked in soda for five days (yes a real human tooth). The best part about the video, is the reaction from the avid soda fans after they see what that human tooth looks like.


  1. Yes and I wonder what would happen if you left your teeth in orange juice (citric acid???)geesh!!;))

  2. Soaking a tooth on soda for 5 days is totally undepresentative of what happens during drinking soda. Saliva protects teeth as soon as the mouth is exposed to any form of carbhydrates. Additionally, when we consciously consume food that we remenber previously enjoying, the mouth starts watering in anticipation – a learned behavior.

  3. Rots your gut

  4. Totally acidic on the phone scale. That’s cancer causing.

  5. I use soda to clean my car’s battery cable connection.

  6. Liberalism is a mental disorder of epic proportions.

  7. Fuck u Tony u are a liberal

  8. Soda’s+bad.M’Kay.

  9. Soda’s bad.It’s bad.M’kay.

  10. Tony In Texas says:

    Artificial sugar anyone? Want medical issues as you age? Drink sodas or better yet, diet sodas daily. This will keep you and you physician(s) very busy.

  11. Jim redington says:

    Put a small piece of steak in Coke for five days and not much steak is left.

  12. We use coke to eat rust of of nuts n bolts

  13. Rots your gut?
    The hydrochloric acid in your stomach is far more corrosive than soda.

  14. Soak your nuts in coke for five days and you will not believe what it does….to the coke and nuts!

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