THIS Food Can Cause Cancer Just Like Cigarettes Can



Just released by the World Health Organization (WHO),  processed meats are actually just as bad for you as smoking cigarettes. Eating processed meat can lead to bowel cancel in humans while red meat is likely cause of the disease, WHO experts released on today in findings that could further enliven the debate over the merits of a meat-based diet. WHO put processed meats such as hot dogs and ham in its Group 1 list of carcinogens along with tobacco, asbestos, diesel fumes–all of which is found to have strong links to causing cancer. In a statement release by Dr. Kurt Straif of the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer, a part of the WHO) said “For an individual, the risk of developing colorectal cancer because of their consumption of processed meats remains small, but this rise increase with the amount of meat consumed.”

Red meat, under which the IARC includes beef, lamb and pork, were classified as a “probable” carcinogen in its group 2A list that also contains glyphosate, the active ingredient in many weedkillers. The agency, whose findings on meat followed a meeting of health experts earlier this month, estimated each 50 gram portion of processed meat eaten daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18 percent.

Colorectal cancer is actually the second most lethal form of cancer in the U.S., causing nearly 50,000 deaths per year,  and processed meat was also linked to a higher incidence of stomach cancer.

While this study maybe good for the world to be aware of, it has the Beef Industry up in arms. According to the Washington Post, the beef industry has been preparing a rebuttal for months “We simply don’t think the evidence supports any causal link between any red meat and any type of cancer,” Shalene McNeill, executive director of human nutrition at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

So the question is should we put down red meats just as quickly as we put down cigarettes?



  1. Captain Merica says:


    • ANGELO DERos says:

      just looking at dead raw meat , should ring some bells in your heads ,,,,red meats often , very often is gonna lead to sickness , just like salt , sugar , and soda ,,,,stick with fish , chicken , nuts , seeds , fruits ,,, thats it ,, eat raw garlic or red onions ,, and drink nasty taste apple cider vingears ,,,

  2. Melanie Rose says:

    dont believe its dumb

  3. Melanie Rose says:

    I believe it dosnt make sense

  4. Melanie Rose says:

    Don’t make sense

  5. Believe it. Not the meat but the preservatives! Nitrates my friends.

  6. Less than a week ago I read an article that said bacon was good for you. “earlier up!”. Make up your fucking minds You damn idiots.

  7. “eat up!” I mean. Damn spell check.

  8. Robby Roberts says:

    Glyphosate is not known to cause cancer. JS.

  9. Mallory Boissevain says:


  10. Roseville Beth says:

    Did someone say BACON IS GOOD FOR YOU?? Thats it ive died and gone to heaven …. I didnt read after that…lol
    But seriously it is the chems that the government ok’d yo be put in the feed that is given to the animals so they bulk up…my solution…buy only grass fed uncaged meat…expensive you say??? Consider the cost of cancer
    Enough said

  11. Weston Sumner says:

    People who have not eaten meat or meat products DO NOT GET heart disease, stroke, cancer or diabetes. Your standard American diet is killing you. Don’t believe it? Keep right on eating and wait for the “shoe to drop!”

  12. Roseville beth your correct!! Eat organic and eat and drink alkaline diet….SUGAR FEEDS CANCER !!

  13. Look, folks: There are some people in this world who are cancer prone, okay? Ever wondered why two different people can engage in the same activities, under the same environmental conditions, and one will develop cancer and the other won’t? There are people who are practically afraid of their own shadows because they believe all the hype thrown their way about the myriads of supposed cancer-causing foods, agents and environmental conditions. It’s a fact that some people simply will come closer to developing the disease than others under the same conditions, eating the same foods, etc. If you don’t believe me, ask a doctor. Then chill out and stop believing everything you hear and read about things that every nut job says causes cancer.

  14. Weston Sumner, I have eaten meat and meat products all my 65 years of living on this earth, and I haven’t yet developed heart disease, stroke, cancer OR diabetes. Genetics plays a big part in the development of those diseases, rather than what you consume. I’m not saying people should live a totally careless lifestyle because of what I’m saying, but certainly moderation in all things is more sensible than being afraid to eat the foods you enjoy. Being a fanatical “health nut” doesn’t guarantee you won’t develop cancer. I know, because I have known a few people who religiously watched the foods they ate, exercisd regularly, didn’t smoke, didn’t drink excessively and lived in an area where the air quality was good, and they still developed cancer. Why? Genetics.

    So stop worrying so much about it and enjoy your life to the fullest.

  15. Pen Pram & Congi says:

    First and Foremost, Thank You. Secondly, please do not interpret this as racist statement. Along, long time ago. I heard tobacco referred to as revenge for aboriginals. There are other cultures where a small plant named Beetle Nut grows. Aboriginals of that small island can use it. A Westerner visiting becomes almost instantly addicted; in part due to no natural resistance.

  16. We known for decades about the chemicals the government approved over the years to put in
    out foods. Notice the headline? They made sure the word ‘processed’ was included. That means
    ‘processed by men’s hands’, so to speak. Then, you have those who say, ‘only eat grass fed, non-caged, foods. Right! Take a week and just try that one. lol! Depends on where you live.
    Where I live, you’re lucky not to run out of the ‘processed’ kind, much less finding anything of
    that nature…

  17. With all due respect to so many of you who care about your health; yes, your genetics has an indirect influence to your overall health. However, more importantly, “What you are, is what you eat”. Please conduct your own research or get to know trustworthy people, such as bio-chemists, dieticians, conservative doctors or scientists. They will tell you the truth about such issues in question. Bacon for instance, concentration of Sodium Nitrate is high, leads to Pancreatic Cancer, period. Processed foods from foreign nations with less than acceptable standards of development, be careful (read the label). Too much Sugar, will cause most of the intestinal disorders, such as “Gut Yeast” or “Candida” it’s irreversible, unless you cut back on sugar or consume a good “Probotic” otherwise, you’ll regret the rest of the story.

  18. “**I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE – 2 – EAT {ANY} LIVING BEING **” !!!! !!!! . . . . “**MY PEROGATATIVE **” !!!! !!!! . . . .

  19. Dixie, I like your wisdom. Accept genetics. Be reasonable. Enjoy what WON’T kill you. (Might take a little family research to understand first.)

  20. My Dr says I need the red meat due to the high iron content,so I really don’t believe everything I read online. Some people just like to make themselves look big by shooting off their mouths about things they really don’t know anything about.

  21. Genetics+is+only+2+percent


  23. Patricia Shook says:

    Why do you think they feed you a sugar intravenous seen before they give you a pet scan because the sugar attracts the cancer cells therefore they know where they are

  24. Genetics and environment-what you eat and drink, your activity level, where you live, habits and hobbies you have, etc. both play a role in what happens to you. I don’t know if one plays an important role over the other but I suppose it varies from individual to individual. Moderation is generally the safest way to go. My recommendation to those who enjoy red and/or processed meats is to minimize exposure but not to eliminate it.

  25. Clydean Foster says:

    If you doubt……Go to Netflix and watch the documentary “What the Health”. It’s not necessarily the meat (although they are fed gmo grain) it’s the processed foods. Another documentary on Netflix is “Food Inc”. You’ll look at everything differently after watching these! “The Truth About Cancer” is very enlightening also…. look it up on YouTube.

  26. Dolores Marconi says:

    I’ve been primaily a vegetarian except for occasional fish, some milk products, non-fat and nonfat cheese, yogurt, etc. Not only is it healthy but you will stay thin and alert. After a few weeks of this diet you will not even want to eat meat. Bread is not good but a little won’t hurt. Stay away from white flour foods when possible.

  27. “Eating processed meat can lead to bowel cancel” .. right, then . .

  28. Alexandra Hart says:


  29. Wake up! All of us are going to die. Enjoy every bite of that hot dog!

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