You Won’t Believe How Much This 77-Year Old Grandma Can Bench

Just thank us, now you don’t have any more excuses on not going to the gym. Meet 77-year old power weight lifter, Willie Murphy, she is not your typical grandmother and is going stronger than ever. Willie is catching a lot of people by surprise with her ability to lift as much as she does, that’s right twice her own body weight. Murphy is a self-taught, self-trained, competitive powerlifter and can effortlessly do one-handed pull-ups and one-handed push-ups. She began lifting five-pound weights four years ago after seeing a sign about a local weight-lifting competition. It just goes to show you that its never to late to start.

According to Murphy, “I wanted to be come better, to have a little edge in life. So I started the weight training. So, little by little, I got stronger and stronger.” This amazing septuagenarian is inspiring women and seniors everywhere with her amazing outlook on life and her unwavering tenacity. Her hard work has paid off when this year she won the World Natural Powerlifting Federation 2014 Lifter of the Year award.

“They see I’m old and I’m not being pushed around in a wheelchair. I’m almost 80 years old and I’m am still living life.” said Murphy. She is truly an inspiration for us all and we love her. Plus we’re a bit scared of her considering she can bench more than we do.

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