After Watching This You’ll Want to Travel Here Immediately

France, Spain, England, and Germany are the most common places that come up when asked, “What country would you love to visit the most in Europe?” Austria is almost never in anyone’s top 5. Well, it’s time we help change this.

Even after being at the brunt of two World Wars, those who visit Austria get to enjoy beautiful historical cities with beautiful statues, buildings, and cultural artifacts that drive traditional European tourism. Similarly, Austria is also immersed with breathtaking landscapes.

Check out this time-lapse video of some of Austria’s most mesmerizing views; kudos to the videography for putting this footage together. It was shot over a span of 2 years and about 5 terabytes of raw footage was collected – to be used for a 3 minute video.

We hope it encourages you to make a pit-stop in Austria when/if you go backpacking through Europe! We would love to hear your stories about Austria if you have visited before; you are encouraged to leave comments below!


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