This Device is Going to Change the Way We Sleep on Planes!

Anyone that regularly relies on air travel knows what a pain sleeping (on a flight) can be. Boeing has recently patented an idea that may be able to tackle this issue – it is currently being referred to as the “cuddle seat”. The idea is to strap yourself into a device – allowing you to lean forward and resting your head as one would in a massage chair.

On the paper, the ideas sounds decent – whether the passengers actually benefit from it will be discovered once it is put to test; but honestly, any advances made towards figuring this situation out is great in general.

Interestingly, Boeing also announced recently that they plan on increasing the seating in some of their models by 5%. For planes that are already overly tight with seating, this just sounds like a nightmare. While earning the ability of being a contortionist would be great, for Boeing’s sake, let’s hope that this idea actually performs well or they will have some really angry customers on their hands.

Check out the video describing the patented idea and tell us how you feel about it!

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