French Fries from Around the World

Ever wonder how someone in Kenya eats french fries? Well now we’ve got your answer!

Some foods are pretty much universal, and one of those beloved foods is french fries. Whether you serve them home-style, in a carton, from a paper bag…we bet you won’t just eat one. While Americans love to drench their fries in ketchup, Canadians drown their fries in gravy and cheese and the Dutch serve theirs with mayo!

Even if we don’t always agree on french fry toppings around the world, we do agree that french fries are a standard food to put on any menu.

In this awesome video you finally get a glimpse at how people around the world eat their french fries which just might just lead you to start mixing up your fry topping combinations. Don’t blame us though if you start eating more french fries, you might just like it.

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