Giant Alien Blob Encountered in Turkey

A diver off the coast of Turkey was in the waters of his hometown of Fethiye, when he and his friends encountered a mysterious blob drifting approximately 72 feet below the surface. The seasoned divers had no idea what to make of the giant blob, that was about 13-feet wide, soft and gelatinous looking.  The diver, Tanriover, shot a video of what he called ‘The Thing’, had told Deep Sea News that “they felt a mixture of excitement and fear as they approached the unknown sea creature.”

When the video was first posted a scientist from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History came forward to comment to Deep Sea News. Dr. Michael Vecchione made the identification as a huge squid egg mass. He suspects it came from a red flying squid called Ommastrephes bartramii, although no one has EVER seen it lay eggs before.

We aren’t completely convinced that its truly squid eggs. What do YOU think it could be?

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