Man Shows Gorilla His Phone the Reaction is Unbelievable

If anyone has any doubt that certain animals, especially Gorillas have emotions, then this video will change all that. Paul Ross was visiting the Louisville Zoo when he captured a moment between a young man who decided to take the time to show a Gorilla in captivity pictures of other Gorillas on his phone. The reaction of the Gorilla at the end of the video is near heartbreaking.

There has been heightened concern about the habitat and happiness of Gorillas in general. Please note that this Gorilla, named Jelani, is housed in an award winning 4-acre sanctuary at the Louisville Zoo and receives the best of treatment on a daily basis. He is a Western Lowland Gorilla, a species classified as “critically endangered” by the I.U.C.N and the program at the zoo is doing its best to reverse this classification.

Ross told FOX59 that the interaction between the man and the Gorilla lasted for a very long time, and he only captured a snippet of it. Its amazing, in Jelani’s bio on the Louisville Zoo’s website it actually says that “Jelani is a laid-back individual and likes to look at cellphone photos and videos.”

So if you are interested in trying to help saving the gorillas, but sure to keep investigating and researching how to support these beautiful endangered species.


  1. This is an awesome video. It is obvious with a number of television videos that many animals, including Gorillas, have emotions alike humans. Mostly it resembles to the categories of monkeys. This video makes sure the traditional concepts that states from monkey to man. But, animals do not have the ability to think like humans. It is the only difference I can point out.

  2. I dont really see emotion as much as curiosity and a longing for some stimuli to releive his monotonous life. None the less great video.

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