Photographer vs. Deadly Seal – See Who Wins!

National Geographic photographers probably have one of the most exciting jobs that exist.  Not only do they get to do what they love for a living, but they also get sent to some of the most amazing and remote places on this planet that most of us could only ever dream of. But as serene as nature can be, it’s filled with creatures whose strength man simply cannot match on its own and  leopard seals are one of nature’s beasts.

For one of his assignments, National Geographic photographer, Paul Nicklen, went to Antarctica to capture as many pictures of leopard seals he could find.  Little did he know he would find himself face-to-face with one of the largest his crew had ever seen.

At first, the leopard seal saw Nicklen as a threat, it tried intimidating him by swallowing Nicklen’s head and his camera- but then releasing it. Upon realizing that Nicklen is an unlikely threat, the leopard seal began playing with Nicklen for the span of next four days. Check out the video to see the full account through Nicklen himself.


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