Porcupine Takes on 17 Lions

Caught on camera this little porcupine takes on not 1, but 17 lions. This incredible sight was filmed by Lucien Beaumont, a guide at the Londolzi Game Reserve in South Africa. The porcupine can be seen using its quills to defend itself against 13 lionesses and 4 male lions at the game reserve.

Beaumont wrote a blog about the epic fight saying “As a guide I have a bucket list of various sightings that I dream of seeing. The more time I spend in the bush, the more amazing things I have seen over the years, the more outrageous my bucket list seems to become. A few nights ago, I manage to tick one major sighting off my bucket list that I have been hoping, dreams and imagining for years.”

As you can see in this video porcupines don’t shoot their quills like many people believe. “Rather the quills have mirco-bards, which hook into the face or paw of a predator that may get too close,” Beaumont explains. This certainly explains why the porcupine had a chance against the 17 lions. We have to images those quills sting!

We have to say we were rooting for the little porcupine the whole time!

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