How Wolves Changed the Rivers in Yellowstone Park

This video will forever shatter your view of predatory animals, especially, wolves. This experiment may be the most important conservation project that occurred in our century and could possibility affect animals around the world. In an attempt to help increase all animal species in Yellowstone National Park, scientists decided to try something completely radical, introduce more predators into the park. We know this sounds completely insane, increasing the population of a killer species in an attempt to make the other animals in the park flourish? Well the most amazing thing happened, it actually worked.

This video proves that one species can have a massive cascading effect on an entire ecosystem in which it lives and even the geography of the area. The conflict between humans and wildlife is a reality of our rapidly growing population around the world, and the fact is, we need to learn how to better live beside wildlife if we are to maintain a thriving ecosystem for future generations.


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