92 Year Old War Female Veteran Pilot Flies A Plane After 70 years!

Wanting to fly World War II airplane may almost never be a desire for any one at the age of 92; however such was the case with one veteran of the war. Air Transport Auxiliary veteran, Joy Lofthouse was one of very few women to serve as a pilot during World War II for the British – and she hadn’t flown it since the war came to an end. So when she heard that she could aboard the iconic Spitfire Airplane one more time, she simply could not refuse; Spitfire was one of 18 different planes she had flown during her career but it held a special place in her heart.

Her responsibility during the war was to shuttle planes from the frontlines back to safe zones for repairs.

To celebrate the 70 year anniversary of the end of the war, she was called upon once more to board the plane she loved so dearly. Looking at the video, you can tell just how excited she is – but of course nervous also –to have been given this chance again; and boy does she look adorable and satisfied!

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