Most AMAZING Octopus Has Case of the Blues!

This octopus does the most extraordinary thing, watch him go from completely hidden to a giant blue blog in under 10 seconds! Jonathan Gordon was diving in the Caribbean when he happened to come along this amazing creature, completely by accident! Most octopuses are masters of camouflage, but when danger lurks nearby, they often lose their cool and turn into a giant blue ball. Octopuses are capable of changing colors in an instant because of their chromatophore cells that house sacs of pigment.

This is an extremely rare case and luckily it was all filmed while Gordon was on a snorkeling trip in the warm Caribbean waters. “I dove down to have a look at the shell that you can see under where the octopus appears and as I approached the octopus came out of hiding” Gordon wrote in the video description. “I literally had no idea he was there until I was about a meter away.” Moral of the story, look close or you might miss something!

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