‘Evil Twin’ Removed from a Woman’s Brain.

All of us experience atrocious headaches from time to time in our lives, but how many can credit the source of the cause to embryonic twin?

Yamini Karanam, 26, suffered from severe headaches and like any person decided to get tested for the potential cause. At first, a tumor was predicted and appropriate plans to remove it were put into place. Strangely, the tumor turned out to be a teratoma or an embryonic twin; this twin came with hair, teeth, and bones! Strangely, this is not the first time her doctor (Dr. Hrayr Shahinian) has found a teratoma – he reports that it was his second!

Teratomas are certainly a rare occurrence. Scientists speculate that it is simply an undeveloped twin that gets absorbed into the other twin’s body. Although a good portion of the time a conjoined twin can be easily seen, for some (like Karanam) the revelation is not made until adulthood. A similar case was brought to mainstream a few years back when a man found such happenings – his twin was however found in his stomach!

Fortunately Karanam will be able to recover from the brain surgery – however realizing that she has lost or never gotten to know a potential loved one is certainly going to leave its mark. As far as the evilness of the twin goes – of course it wasn’t evil. It did however make Karanam’s life extremely miserable for the past 26 years and that is surely evil.

Check out the whole news piece below!

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