Move Over Sharknado, Sharkcano is Actually Real.

We all loved the movie Sharknado, its humor and its completely ridiculous story line…a shark filled tornado. A tornado filled with sharks could never happen in real life, could it?

Well now scientists aren’t so sure, especially with the latest discovery of a sharkcano. That’s right, sharks were found living in an underwater, active volcano.That’s right, a SHARKCANO!

Scientists were shocked to discover sharks while they were exploring an active underwater volcano. Oceanographer, Brennan Phillips, led an expedition into the South Pacific to learn more about Kavachi, a submarine volcano near the Soloman Islands that has been recorded as active as recently as 2014.

Phillips and his team knew the volcano summit was about 100 feet below sea level and is capable of shooting ash and magma a quarter of a mile into the air! Scientists has previously thought that this environment too harsh for any living creature. The volcano creates an extremely acidic surroundings that most creatures couldn’t live in or so they thought. The scientists however got the shock of a lifetime when they discovered sharks, but also crabs, and sting rays. These hyper evolved geo-aquatic mutant hybrids are real and alive and well in an underwater volcano.

So just when you think a terrible made-for-tv movie couldn’t possibly be true, think again.




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