Orangutan Cracks Up Watching Magic Trick

An orangutan at the Barcelona Zoo watches as a random man from the crowd perform a magic trick. The man shows the little ape that he is placing a ball in a cup, and after a slight-of-hand movement, reveals that there is nothing in the cup!

The orangutan, looks for a minute, then cracks up hilariously at the magic trick he just witnessed. Its awesome to watch the little ape roll on the floor with delight at being tricked!


  1. Adorable

  2. So many think animals are stupid. Boy are they wrong!

  3. That is beyond genius!

  4. ,unbelievable how close we are in intelligence

  5. The ape didn’t even see the guy clumsily dump the cherry out. Real smart.

  6. So funny, we play it everyday..

  7. I’ve actually seen this vid.before. But I still love the human reaction the ape gives out. These animals are far more Intellectual than we are by far. We need to learn from them. Although they were here before we ever roamed the earth. Cave man came from the ape family if I have my history correct. But knowing my history test,I’m not. So don’t quote me please. But just sit back and enjoy this awesome show of higher intelligence.

  8. I’ve+seen+this+before+and+still+say+it’s+cute+as+can+be!+HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!+The+Orangutan+should+NOT+be+locked+up+inside!+Animals+were+made+to+run+&+roam+freely!+Not+to+be+trained+to+entertain+humanity+inside+4+walls,+on+a+rope,+on+a+chain,+in+a+box,+in+a+cage,+etc!!!

  9. So amazing

  10. Man did not come from apes. Read the book of Genesis in the bible.

    • Have you ever heard about evolution? Look it up in the book called Websters Dictionary.

    • Manwithbrain says:

      Yeah,read this book written by sheep herders!also,its full of murder and other shit,I just cherrypick the parts I like!ive never actually read the whole damn thing,with all of its contradictions!the only reason I know about it,is as a young impressionable child,I was pressured into believing it by my parents!

    • Ana Calderon says:

      Man, the most destructive creature on earth! Created in the likeness and image of a destructive god. Way to go!

    • The Bible was written by Man. DNA was written by God. And DNA says that evolution is real.

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  12. Lucia Bartoli says:

    Awwww what a neat thing to see!

  13. Steve Roberts says:

    I love animals …..We can learn sooooo much :):)

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